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Early Viennese Chamber Music with Obbligato Keyboard

Early Viennese Chamber Music with Obbligato Keyboard, Part 1
Six Keyboard Trios
Edited by Michelle Fillion
Early Viennese Chamber Music with Obbligato Keyboard
Full Score (1989)
9x12, xvii + 77 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (1989)
Set of 3 parts (vn./fl.; va.; v.c./cb.)
This sampling of previously unpublished chamber music with keyboard, composed around 1770 by Haydn's contemporaries Wagenseil, Hofmann, Steffan, Mann, Zimmermann, and Vanhal, offers delightful examples of entertainment music from mid-eighteenth-century Vienna. These works furnish valuable evidence of the origins of this genre, and also a stylistic context for Haydn's early chamber music with keyboard.
Leopold Hofmann, Divertimento for violin, bass, and cembalo
Johann Christoph Mann, Divertimento for violin or flute, violoncello, and cembalo
Joseph Anton Steffan, Divertimento for violin, violoncello, and cembalo
Johann Baptist Vanhal, Divertimento for viola, violoncello, and cembalo
Georg Christoph Wagenseil, Divertimento, Op. 5, No. 2 for violin, viola, and cembalo
Anton Zimmermann, Divertimento for violin, viola, and cembalo
Lindsay Kemp, Musical Times, November 1990, Katalin Komlos, Music & Letters, May 1991; A. Peter Brown, Notes, September 1992
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