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Ford: Lyra Viol Duets

Thomas Ford
Lyra Viol Duets
Edited by Oleg V. Timofeyev
Ford: Lyra Viol Duets
Full Score (1998)
9x12, xiii + 82 pp.

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Thomas Ford's collection Musicke of Sundrie Kindes (London, 1607) is one of the first published sources explicitly calling for lyra viol. In these duets, Ford displays great fluency and inventiveness, which influenced the development of the lyra viol idiom. This edition collates the musical text against several extant secondary sources. The edition supplies a modern grand-staff score as well as a separate tablature score, both with regular barlines. In addition to the critical notes and the biographical data on the composer, the editor also discusses important issues for lyra viol performance.
1. A paven
2. The galliard
3. An almaine
4. A paven
5. The galliard
6. Forget me not
7. A paven
8. An almaine
9. The wild goose chase
10. What you will
11. And if you do touch me ile crie
12. The baggepipes
13. Why not here
14. Change of aire
15. Whipit and tripit
16. Cate of Bardie
17. A snatch and away
18. A pill to purge melancholie
[All of the above]
David Pinto, Music and Letters, 84:1
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