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Hilton: Ayres, or Fa La's for Three Voyces

John Hilton
Ayres, or Fa La's for Three Voyces (1627)
Edited by John Morehen
Hilton: Ayres, or Fa La's for Three Voyces
Full Score (2004)
8.5x11, xvii + 114 pp.

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The Ayres, or Fa La's for Three Voyces (1627) by John Hilton "the Younger" (1599–1657) brought the so-called English madrigal school of composition to a close. The Ayres belong to the Italian balletto form, although the form had lost its earlier association with dancing by the time of its importation into England.
Although this collection has not hitherto been published in a critical edition, the quality of the compositions has long been recognized. The eighteenth-century music historian Sir John Hawkins lavished high praise on them, considering them to surpass in quality similar works by Thomas Morley. Ernest Walker, too, described the pieces as "worthy of a place beside Morley's ballets," while Ian Spink observes that they are undeserving of their neglect "since many are attractive pieces, different rather than inferior to Morley's."
The pieces are suitable for unaccompanied performance by soloists or small choir (SST). Also included in the edition are three four-voice madrigals that may also be by the younger John Hilton.
1. To Sport Our Merry Meeting
2–3. My Mistress Frowns / You Lovers That Have Loves Astray
4. Phoebe Tells Me When I Woo
5. Coelia's Wound and Mine Were One
6. Dear, May Some Other, Since Not I
7. Though Me You Do Disdain to View
8. Love Wounded Me
9. The Woodbine, Flora, Doth Decay
10. I Heard a Withered Maid Complain
11. Leave Off, Sad Philomel
12. O Had Not Venus Been Beguiled
13. Tell Me, Dear, Fain Would I Know
14. Faint Not, Lovers, for Denials
15. Gifts of Feature and of Mind
16. As Flora Slept, and I Lay Waking
17. When Flora Frowns I Hope for Peace
18. Love Laid His Yoke upon Me
19. Now is the Summer Springing
20. Come, Sprightly Mirth
21. Come, Let's Crown This Famous Night
22–23. Hero, Kiss Me or I Die / Quickly Send It Then unto Me
24. If It Be Love to Sit and Mourn
25. Fly, Philomel, to Deserts Fly
26. Who Master Is in Music's Art
1. Crowned with Flowers
2. When As I Glance on My Lovely Phyllis
3. O Sacred Tree
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