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La grand-mére amoureuse, parodie d'Atys

La grand-mére amoureuse, parodie d'Atys
A Marionette Parody of Lully's Atys by Louis Fuzelier and Dorneval from 1726
Edited by Susan Harvey
La grand-mére amoureuse, parodie d'Atys
Full Score (2008)
9x12, xlvii + 70 pp.

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La grand-mére amoureuse was performed by marionettes at the Foire Saint-Germain in Paris in 1726. This comédie en vaudevilles, written by Louis Fuzelier and his collaborator Dorneval, is a parody of Atys, the tragédie en musique by Lully and Quinault, which was revived at the Opéra in the 1725–26 season. With nearly continuous music consisting of vaudevilles and airs parodies, and with both discernable critical distancing from and intertextual reference to its target opera, La grand-mére amoureuse is a mature and particularly polished example of opera parody, providing a fascinating perspective on contemporary reception of establishment opera. This edition makes La grand-mére amoureuse accessible by setting the sung portions of the play to the specified vaudevilles and providing basse continue parts, taken whenever possible from contemporary sources. The resulting score facilitates study of this important example of a little-known genre and is also suitable for performance.
Acte premier
Scene premiére: Atys
Scene 2: Atys, Idas
Scene 3: Atys, Idas, Sangaride, Doris
Scene 4: Sangaride, Doris
Scene 5: Sangaride, Doris, Atys
Scene 6: Sangaride, Atys
Scene 7: Atys, Sangaride, Doris, Célénus, Idas, Phrygiens & Phrygiennes
Scene 8: Les Acteurs de la Scene précédente, Cybéle en Vielle, Mélisse
Scene 9: Cybéle, Mélisse
Scene 10: Atys
Scene 11: Atys, Idas, Doris
Scene 12: Atys
Scene 13: Atys, Le Dieu du Sommeil, Morphée, Songes Agréables, Songes Funestes
Acte second
Scene premiére: Atys
Scene 2: Atys, Cybéle
Scene 3: Cybéle, Atys, Sangaride
Scene 4: Sangaride, Idas, Doris
Scene 5: Sangaride, Célénus
Scene 6: Sangaride, Célénus, Atys
Scene 7: Sangaride, Atys
Scene 8: Sangaride, Atys, Célénus, Le Fleuve Sangar, Fleuves & Ruisseaux, Riviéres & Fontaines
Acte troisiéme
Scene premiére: Cybéle, Célénus
Scene 2: Cybéle, Célénus, Sangaride, Atys
Scene 3: Les Acteurs de la Scène précédente, Esculape
Scene 4: Les Acteurs de la Scene précédente, Deux Apoticares
Scene 5: Cybéle, Atys, Sangaride, Phrygiens & Prêtresses
Scene 6: Cybéle, Atys, Sangaride, Phrygiens & Prêtresses
Scene 7 & derniére: Cybéle, Coquetiers & Coquetieres
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