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Marini: String Sonatas from Opp. 1 and 8

Biagio Marini
String Sonatas from Opus 1 and Opus 8
Edited by Thomas D. Dunn
Marini: String Sonatas from Opp. 1 and 8
Full Score (1981)
9x12, xv + 127 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (2010)
Set of 3 parts (Treble 1; Treble 2; Bass)

Instrumental Part(s) (2010)
Set of 4 parts (Treble 1; Treble 2; Treble 3; Bass)
These twenty-two works afford a fascinating overview of the beginnings and early development of the baroque solo and trio sonata idioms. Moreover, they document the ever-widening exploration of violin technique at a time when that instrument was first being used in a soloistic setting.
String Sonatas from Opus 1
La Ponte. Sonata à 2
La Foscarina. Sonata à 3 con il tremolo
La Orlandina. Sinfonia à 1
La Gardana. Sinfonia à 1
La Aguzzona. Sonata à 3
String Sonatas from Opus 8
Sonata prima (à 2)
Sonata seconda (à 2)
Sonata terza (à 2)
Sonata quarta (à 2)
Sonata quarta (à 2)
Sonata septima sopra à Voi dò vinto il Cor (à 2)
Sonata decima (à 2)
Sonata undecima (à 2)
Sonata duodecima (à 2)
Sonata senza cadenza
Sonata in Ecco
Sonata sopra la Monica
Sonata prima (à 1) "Semplice"
Sonata seconda (à 1) "d'Inventione"
Sonata terza (à 1) "Variata"
Sonata quarta (à 1) "per sonar con due corde"
Sonata per l'Organo e Violino ò Cornetto
Caroline Cunningham, MLA Notes, June 1985; Jean-Michel Boulay, Sonances, July 1982
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