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Motets for One Voice by Franck, Gounod, and Saint-Saens

Motets for One Voice by Franck, Gounod, and Saint-Saens
The Organ-Accompanied Solo Motet in Nineteenth-Century France
Edited by Richard Benefield
Motets for One Voice by Franck, Gounod, and Saint-Saens
Full Score (2003)
9x12, xxvii + 82 pp.

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Many nineteenth-century French composers wrote motets for solo voices and organ. This anthology of twenty-three pieces by Franck, Gounod, and Saint-Saëns introduces this genre with pieces obviously intended for amateurs with limited skills as well as with thoroughly developed pieces for more accomplished singers and organists. The majority of these pieces have not been published since the nineteenth century. The edition is based primarily on Gounod's Soixante Chants sacrés and Saint-Saëns's Vingt Motets, volumes published during the composers' lifetimes that clearly established the genre. The introductory essay discusses the socio-political, economic, and liturgical factors that spurred on the development of the genre in France as well as performance practice with regard to the appropriate instruments (organ vs. harmonium) and voices (solo vs. chorus).
César Franck
1. Ave Maria
2. O salutaris in F
3. O salutaris in B-flat
4. Panis angelicus

Charles Gounod
5. Ave verum in B-flat
6. Ave verum in C
7. O salutaris in A-flat
8. O salutaris in E-flat (I)
9. O salutaris in D (I)
10. O salutaris in D (II)
11. O salutaris in E-flat (II)
12. O salutaris in C
13. Pie Jesu
14. Quam dilecta tabernacula tua

Camille Saint-Saëns
15. Ave Maria in B-flat
16. Ave Maria in E
17. Ave Maria in A
18. Deus Abraham
19. Inviolata
20. O salutaris in A
21. O salutaris in E-flat
22. Panis angelicus
23. Pie Jesu
Lawrence Archbold, Music & Letters, 89/4, Nov. 2004.
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