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Sight-Reading Pieces for F or E-flat Instruments and Piano

Sight-Reading Pieces for F or E-flat Instruments and Piano
Edited by James R. Briscoe
Sight-Reading Pieces for F or E-flat Instruments and Piano
Score + Part(s) (2012)
8.5x11, Score: iv + 53 pp.; Horn Part: 20 pp.; E-flat Saxophone Part: 20 pp.

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The Paris Conservatoire solos, both the sight-reading works and the longer contest pieces, are the first extended series of compositions for woodwinds, brass, and harp in music history. While composers such as Mozart, Weber, and Robert Schumann contributed a few significant works for these instruments, the Conservatoire solos were composed annually for each instrument beginning in the 1830s. The wealth of musical treasures resulting from this systematic accumulation of works represents the core of these instrumental repertories today.
Sight-Reading Pieces for Horn and Piano
1. Andante cantabile, Jules Massenet (1882)
2. Allegretto, Jules Cohen (1879)
3. Moderato, Charles-Édouard Lefebvre (1884)
4. Andante con moto, Émile Paladilhe (1896)
5. Quasi andantino, Alfred Bruneau (1901)
6. Andantino, Paul Dukas (1906)
7. Moderato, Alfred Bachelet (1907)
8. Lent, Georges Enesco (1908)
9. Allegro molto, Paul Vidal (1913)
10. Lent et expressif, Georges Caussade (1918)
Sight-Reading Pieces for E-flat Saxophone and Piano
11. Allegretto, Jules Duprato (1881)
12. Andante con moto, Duprato (undated)
13. Andante, Anonymous (1882)
14. Allegretto, Anonymous (1884)
15. Andantino, Anonymous (1885)
16. Allegretto, Anonymous (1886)
17. Moderato, Anonymous (1890)
18. Andantino, Anonymous (1891)
19. Allegretto, Anonymous (1892)
20. Andante espressivo, Anonymous (1898)
21. Lent, Guillaume Balay (1922)
22. Andantino, Anonymous (1922)
23. Andantino, Marcel Tournier (1925)
24. Andante molto moderato, Anonymous (undated)
25. Andante expressivo, Anonymous (undated)
26. Martiale, Anonymous (undated)
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