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Stadlmayr: Selected Magnificats

Johann Stadlmayr
Selected Magnificats
Edited by Hilde Junkermann
Stadlmayr: Selected Magnificats
Full Score (1980)
9x12, xviii + 144 pp.

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The numerous works of this Bavarian composer are almost exclusively liturgical. His Magnificats, of which this edition includes a representative and exemplary sample, are notable for their masterful use of polychoral Venetian style. Four of the seven works in the edition are parody compositions, and three others are based on canticle tones. Stadlmayr was recognized by his contemporaries as a distinguished contrapuntist and an unusually gifted church musician. Basso continuo realization and commentary by Marilyn Barnes-Ostrander.
Magnificat super Spuntavan già 1603, No. 1
Magnificat super D'un si bel fuoco 1603, No. 3
Magnificat 1603, No. 7
Magnificat [Quarti Toni] 1603, No. 9
Magnificat Primi Toni 1608, No. 1
Magnificat Laudans exultans 1614, No. 3
Magnificat super Primum Tonum 1614, No. 8
Magnificat Primi Toni 1641, No. 17
Denis Arnold; Music and Letters; January, 1984; Elizabeth Roche, Ealry Music, July 1983
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