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Telemann: Douze solos, à violon ou traversière

Georg Philipp Telemann
Douze solos, à violon ou traversière
Edited by Jeanne Swack
Telemann: Douze solos, à violon ou traversière
Full Score (1994)
9x12, xvi + 93 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (1994)
Set of 2 parts (vn./fl.; b.c.)
The works in this volume, first printed in Hamburg in 1734, are among the last and most modern of the solo/ bass sonatas Telemann published. They are equally suited to the violin or transverse flute and are exceptionally rich both in their stylistic references to other genres, such as the concerto and aria, and in their amalgamation of national styles, including not only the French and Italian but also more exotic styles such as the Polish. The present edition is the first to be based on Telemann's own engraved edition.
Solo 1 in F Major
Solo 2 in E Minor
Solo 3 in A Major
Solo 4 in C Major
Solo 5 in G Minor
Solo 6 in D Major
Solo 7 in D Minor
Solo 8 in G Major
Solo 9 in B Minor
Solo 10 in E Major
Solo 11 in A Minor
Solo 12 in F-sharp Minor
Steven Zohn, Notes, March 1996; Traverso, January 1995; Early Music Review
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