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Tudor Church Music of the Lumley Books

The Tudor Church Music of the Lumley Books
Edited by Judith Blezzard
Tudor Church Music of the Lumley Books
Full Score (1985)
8.5x11, xvii + 119 pp.

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This collection of English metrical and prose psalms, anthems, and canticles from British Library Royal Appendix MSS 74-76 is one of the most important of the few surviving sources of church music from Edward VI's brief reign. The notion that such music was made barren by Reformation constraint is dispelled by the diversity of style and technique among the pieces and by their immediate appeal to the performer.
Te Deum
De profundis
Laudate pueri Dominum
Ecce quam bonum
Iudica me Deus
Omnes gentes
Non nobis Domine
Deus in nomine tuo
Voce mea
Deus misereatur, [Christopher Tye]
Ne reminiscaris, [Thomas Tallis]
Iubilate Deo
Domine Dominus noster
Usquequo Domine
Celi enarrant
Domine quis
[O Lord, rebuke me not]
[O Lord Christ Jeus]
[Praised be God]
[1552 Kyrie]
[Nunc dimittis]
[Benedictus], [Thomas] Tallis
[Te Deum]
[Nunc dimittis]
Paul Doe, Early Music, August 1986; S. Thomson Moore, Notes, March 1988
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