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Vivaldi: Manchester Violin Sonatas

Antonio Vivaldi
The Manchester Violin Sonatas
Edited by Michael Talbot
Vivaldi: Manchester Violin Sonatas
Full Score (1976)
9x12, xiv + 125 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (1976)
Part (vn.)
These newly discovered sonatas, which date from ca. 1720, are worthy successors to the violin sonatas published as Vivaldi's opus 2 and opus 5. Six of the works are previously unknown, two are preserved elsewhere only in incomplete form, and the other four differ considerably from their concordances in Dresden and Brussels.
Sonata I (RV 3) in C Major
Sonata II (RV 12) in D Minor
Sonata III (RV 757) in G Minor
Sonata IV (RV 755) in D Major
Sonata V (RV 759) in B-flat Major
Sonata VI (RV 758) in A Major
Sonata VII (RV 6) in C Minor
Sonata VIII (RV 22) in G Major
Sonata IX (RV 17a) in E Minor
Sonata X (RV 760) in B Minor
Sonata XI (RV 756) in E-flat Major
Sonata XII (RV 754) in C Major
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