Fayrfax: Sacred Music from the Lambeth Choirbook

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Robert Fayrfax
Sacred Music from the Lambeth Choirbook

Edited by Margaret Lyon

R069 Fayrfax: Sacred Music from the Lambeth Choirbook
978-0-89579-150-4 Full Score (1985) 8.5x11, xxii + 83 pp.
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The Mass Regali ex progenie, the magnificat "Regale," and the motet "Aeterne laudis lilium" by Fayrfax (chief composer to Henry VII and the young Henry VIII) represent the principal sacred forms in England at the turn of the sixteenth century. Fayrfax juxtaposes sections of three-voice vertical writing and of non-cadencing, contrapuntal passages, leading to unusual choral effects in five parts. His music, though retrospective in its design and rhythmic complexity, looks to the future in its massive effects drawing upon the pervading resonance of imperfect consonance.
Mass Regali ex progenie
  Agnus Dei
Magnificat "Regale"
Aeterne laudis lilium
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