Gilles: Diligam te, Domine

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Jean Gilles
Diligam te, Domine

Edited by John Hajdu Heyer

B135 Gilles: Diligam te, Domine
978-0-89579-554-0 Full Score (2004) 9x12, xv + 96 pp.

Performance Parts

Keyboard-Vocal Score (2004)
Keyboard-vocal score (SATTB, b.c.); includes continuo realization.

Rental Parts (2004)
Set of 13 parts: 0000 0000 33421
Jean Gilles (1668–1705) and his motet Diligam te, Domine retain notable stature in the history of the French grand motet. Born and educated in Provence, Gilles died at the age of thirty-six probably never having visited Paris, yet his works achieved extraordinary popularity there, enduring on the programs of the Concert Spirituel for more than half a century after his death. Gilles composed Diligam te, Domine sometime before 1701 when Louis XIV’s grandsons, the duke of Burgundy and the duke of Berry visited Toulouse. That event no doubt led to the transmission of his work and reputation to Paris. There may not have been any other single composition performed at the Concert Spirituel as many times as was Diligam te, Domine, which enjoyed more than fifty performances between 1731 and 1770. In 1752 Pierre-Louis d’Aquin described it as "a masterpiece." This motet remained in the royal chapel repertory until the time of the French revolution. This volume presents Diligam te, Domine in a modern critical edition for the first time.
1. Symphonie [et récit], Diligam te, Domine
2. [Symphonie, récit, et choeur], Laudans invocabo Dominum
3. [Symphonie, récit, et trio], Dolores inferni
4. Prélude, [récit, et trio], In tribulatione
5. [Symponie et choeur], Commota est et contremuit terra
6. [Symphonie et duo], Inclinavit caelos
7. Symphonie, [récit, et choeur], Et ascendit super cherubim
Appendix: Dolores inferni, from US-Wc,
Clifford Bartlett, Early Music Review, August 2004