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Grandi: Opera Omnia, Vol. V

Alessandro Grandi
Opera Omnia, Vol. V
Il quatro libro de motetti a due, tre, quattro, et sette voci, con il basso continuo per sonar nell’organo (1616)
Edited by Denis Collins, Robert Kendrick
Grandi: Opera Omnia, Vol. V
9.5x13.75, lvii+71 pp.

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Alessandro Grandi (ca. 1586–1630) is best known as the first composer to use a form of the word “cantata” to describe a set of musical compositions (for his Cantade et arie, ca. 1618) and as Monteverdi’s vice-maestro di cappella at San Marco in Venice during the 1620s. Grandi’s Fourth Book of motets (1616), mainly smaller-scale pieces, contains works that can be linked to his two “academic” employers in Ferrara, the confraternity-academies of the Spirito Santo and the Morti. Like Grandi’s other prints, this book received multiple reprints, and some of its contents were copied as far away as north Germany and England. The present volume also contains major new biographical findings by Rodolfo Baroncini, and represents the first modern edition of most of the pieces.
The series of publications are edited by an editorial team headed by Jeffrey Kurtzman, in collaboration with Dennis Collins, Robert Kendrick, Steven Saunders, and John Whenham.
 1. Haec est arbor dignissima
 2. Salvum me fac Domine
 3. O quam gloriosa facta es
 4. Bone Jesu verbum Patris
 5. Surge propera amica mea
 6. O crux ave spes unica
 7. Hic est praecursor dilectus
 8. Exulta et laetare terra
 9. O sacrum convivium
10. Gloria Patri qui creavit nos
11. Hymnum cantemus
12. Hæc est virgo sapiens
13. Deus qui nos in tantis periculis
14. Plorabo die ac nocte
15. Ave regina caelorum
16. Diligam te Domine
17. Factum est silentium
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