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Grenser: Landsby Mölleren i Provence

Johann Friedrich Grenser
Landsby Mölleren i Provence (Les Meunièrs provenceaux)
Edited by Bertil van Boer
Grenser: Landsby Mölleren i Provence
Full Score (2006)
9x12, xiv + 112 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Rental Parts (2006)
Set of 34 parts: 2222 2000 drum 66443
The ballet Landsby Mölleren i Provence (Les Meunièrs provenceaux) was a collaboration between composer Johann Friedrich Grenser and dancer-choreographer Antoine Bournonville. First produced in Stockholm at the Royal Opera in 1788, based upon an original setting by choreographer Etienne Lauchery and possibly a French comic opera, it inaugurated a series of new and progressive works that raised the international profile of Stockholm's Gustavian Opera as an innovative environment. This work was later performed in Copenhagen, where its success and continuation in the  repertory formed part of the foundation upon which the Romantic ballet created by August Bournonville was based. The work involves the life and loves of provincial millers, using a colorful and rhythmically active score. It can be seen an a harbinger of integrated action ballets that dominated the dance staging of the nineteenth century.
Sinfonia. Allegretto
No. 1. Allegretto
No. 2. [Andante]
No. 3. Allegretto—Adagio—Allegro—Allegretto—Allegro presto—[Allegretto]
[No. 4.] Andante
No. 5. [Allegro]
No. 6. Andante
[No. 7.] Tambourin. [Moderato]
[No. 8. Allegro]
[No. 9. Tambourin. Moderato]
[No. 10. Allegro]
[No. 11.] Tambourin. [Moderato]
No. 12. Allegretto
No. 13. Tambourin. [Allegro]
No. 14. [Andante]
[No. 14a. Tempo l'istesso]
[No. 15. Allegro]
No. 16. Andante
[No. 17. Allegro]
No. 18. Allegro vivace
No. 19. [Allegro]
[No. 20. Allegro]
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