Gude and Godlie Ballatis Noted

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Gude and Godlie Ballatis Noted

Edited by Ross W. Duffin

R174 Gude and Godlie Ballatis Noted
978-1-9872-0820-7 Full Score (2022) 7.5x10, xxii + 196 pp.
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One of the monuments of mid-sixteenth-century Scottish letters is Ane Compendeous Buke of Godlye Psalmes and Spirituall sangis, also known simply as the Gude and Godlie Ballatis, first published in Edinburgh in 1565 and reprinted for decades afterwards. Although a few secular tunes, like “Go from my window” and “John come kiss me now,” are inferred in the volume through the use of poetic parodies, well over a hundred of the collection’s self-described “sangis” give no musical direction whatsoever. A half-century ago, Helena Mennie Shire questioned whether the GGB’s music could be properly recovered, thereby reclaiming it “as a book of versions intended for singing.” Using contrafacta from the early Lutheran repertoire, from Coverdale’s Goostly Psalmes of 1535, and particularly the Forme of Prayers (the Scottish psalter) of 1564, this edition presents tunes and lyrics for all of the songs in the corrected GGB edition of 1578, uniquely preserved at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.
i. Prayers & Articles of Faith
i.10. Moyses vpon the mont Sinay
i.11. We trow in God allanerlie
i.12. Ovr Father God Omnipotent
i.13. Christ baptist was be Johne in Jordan flude
i.14. Ovr Sauiour Christ King of grace
i.15. All meit and drink wes creat be the Lord
i.16. Christ lernit vs on God how we suld call
i.17. We thank our God baith kynde and liberall
i.18. All Creature on the Lord dependis
i.19. To our gude God of warldis Lord and King
i.20. We thank the, God, of thy gudnes
ii. Spiritual Sangis
ii.1. Sore I complaine of Sin
ii.2. We wretchit sinners pure
ii.3. All Christin men taktent and leir
ii.4. Cum heir sayis Goddis Sone to me
ii.5. Blissit is he quhome God dois correct
ii.6. Sinners vnto my sang aduert
ii.7. Faithfvl in Christ vse ?our riches richt
ii.8. Help God the formar of all thing
ii.9. Be blyith al Christin men and sing
ii.10. I come fra heuin to tell
ii.11. To vs is borne a barne of blis
ii.12. In dulce iubilo, Now let vs sing
ii.13. Onlie to God on heich be gloir
ii.14. Lord God thy face and word of grace
ii.15. Lord let thy seruand now depart
ii.16. Christ Jesus gaue him self to deid
iii. Certaine Ballatis
iii.1. Till Christ, quhome I am haldin for to lufe
iii.2. Richt soirly musing in my mynde
iii.3. Richt soir opprest I am with panis smart
iii.4. Allace that same sweit face
iii.5. I call on the, Lord Jesus Christ
iii.6. Of mercy ?it he passis all
iii.7. We suld in to remembrance
iii.8. Hay let vs sing and mak greit mirth
iii.9. In Burgh and land, Eist, west, nor, South
iii.10. We suld beleue in God abufe
iii.11. The grace of God appeiris now
iii.12. Of thingis twa I pray the Lord
iii.13. Lord Father, God, that gaif me lyfe
iii.14. Blis, blissit God, thir giftis gude
iii.15. Blissing, gloir, wisdome, & hartly thankfulnes
iii.16. Now let vs sing with Joy and mirth
iii.17. Qvha can discriue or put in write
iii.18. Gif ?e haue rissin from deid againe
iii.19. Qvha suld my melodie amend
iii.20. Let vs reioce and sing
iv. Psalmes & Ballatis
iv.1. Qvhat is the caus, O God omnipotent
iv.2. Saif vs gude Lord, and succour send
iv.3. O Lord how lang for euer wil thow for?et
iv.4. O Lord, quha sall in heuin dwell with the
iv.5. The Lord God is my Pastor gude
iv.6. ?e Richteous reioyce and loue the Lord
iv.7. Thow sall not follow wickit menis wayis
iv.8. O Lord aduert vnto my voce and cry
iv.9. Till trew in hart God of Israell is sweit
iv.10. God for thy grace thow keip no moir silence
iv.11. Qvha on the hiest will depend
iv.12. Qvhen fra Egypt departit Israell
iv.13. Except the Lord with vs had stand
iv.14. Fra deip (O Lord) I call to the
iv.15. At the Riuers of Babylon
iv.16. I will the loue my gracious Lord and King
iv.17. The Hethin folk, Lord in thy heritage
iv.18. Have mercy on me God of micht
iv.19. Blissit ar thay that sit in Goddis dreid
iv.20. For lufe of one I mak my mone
iv.21. Qvho is at my windo, quho, quho
iv.22. O God be mercyfull to vs
iv.23. In till ane mirthfull May morning
iv.24. All my hart ay this is my sang
iv.25. My Lufe murnis for me, for me
iv.26. Tell me now and in quhat wise
iv.27. My Saule dois Magnifie the Lord
iv.28. Christ thow art the licht, bot & the day
iv.29. Christ is the onlie Sone of God
iv.30. Christ Jesus is ane A. per C.
iv.31. Allone I weip in greit distres
iv.32. The Lord sayis I will schaw
iv.33. Grevovs is my sorrow
iv.34. Johne cum kis me now
iv.35. Lord let me neuer be confoundit
iv.36. Go hart vnto the Lamp of licht
iv.37. My saule, prayse þou the Lord alwayis
iv.38. The man is blyste, that hes not gone
iv.39. Ovr brother let vs put in graue
iv.40. Mvsing greitlie in my mynde
iv.41. Pray God for grace, my lufe maist deir
iv.42. Downe be ?one Riuer I ran
iv.43. With heuie hart full of distres
iv.44. Welcvm Lord Christ, welcum againe
iv.45. O Christ quhilk art the licht of day
iv.46. With huntis vp, with huntis vp
iv.47. Baneist is faith now euerie quhair
iv.48. Mvsing greitly in my mynde
iv.49. The Bischop of Hely brak his neck
iv.50. I am wo for thir wolfis sa wylde
iv.51. Allace vnkyndlie Christ we haue exilit
iv.52. Of the fals fyre of Purgatorie
iv.53. Wo is the Hirdis of Israell
iv.54. God send euerie Preist ane wyfe
iv.55. The wind blawis cauld, furious and bauld
iv.56. Hay now the day dallis
iv.57. Remember man, remember man
iv.58. Preistis Christ beleue
iv.59. The wallis of the kirk ?e byg
v. Carols & Contrafacta
v.l. Till our gude man, till our gude man
v.2. The Paip that Pagane full of pryde
v.3. Say weill is throuchlie a worthy gude thing
v.4. Knaw ?e not God Omnipotent
v.5. Was not Salomon the King
v.6. All my lufe leif me not
v.7. Welcum Fortoun, welcum againe
vi. Moral Exhortations
vi.1. All Christin and faithfull
vi.2. Blenk in this Mirrour man and mend
vi.3. O man ryse vp and be not sweir
vi.4. O man Behald this warldis vaniteis
vi.5. Sen throw vertew Incressis dignitie
O Lord in thee is all my trust
Ross W. Duffin is Distinguished University Professor and Fynette H. Kulas Professor of Music Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University. He is a winner of the Thomas Binkley and Howard Mayer Brown Awards from Early Music America, and the Noah Greenberg and Claude V. Palisca Awards from the American Musicological Society.