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Habermann: Missa Sancti Wenceslai, Martyris

Habermann: Missa Sancti Wenceslai, Martyris
Franz Joseph Habermann
Missa Sancti Wenceslai, Martyris
Edited by William D. Gudger
Habermann: Missa Sancti Wenceslai, Martyris
Full Score (1976)
9x12, xii + 89 pp.

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First published in 1747, the Missa Sancti Wenceslai is the best of the six masses in Habermann's Opus 1 and the work of Habermann from which Handel borrowed most extensively. Habermann's Missa Sancti Wenceslai follows the usual divisions of the cantata mass, where the five items of the Ordinary are subdivided into a number of solo and choral movements. The present edition contains the first of Habermann's works to be issued in full score.
Agnus Dei
Albert Seay, Notes, March 1979; Winton Dean, Music & Letters, January 1979
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