Handl: The Moralia of 1596, Part 1

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Jacob Handl
The Moralia of 1596, Part 1
Nos. 1–25

Edited by Allen B. Skei

R007 Handl: The Moralia of 1596, Part 1
978-0-89579-019-4 Full Score (1970) 8.5x11, 120 pp.
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Jakob Handl (1550–91), also known as Jacobus Gallus, has long been considered one of the most outstanding and prolific composers of the late sixteenth century. Although his masses and the motets of his monumental Opus musicum are widely familiar, his three volumes of Moralia—polyphonic settings of secular Latin poetry, for five and more parts—are considerably less well known. This is the first complete modern edition of Handl's Moralia.
Diversos diversa iuvant
Tempore foelici, multi nume rantur amici
Usibus edocto si quicquam credis amico
Cede repugnanti
Quid mihi, Livor
Nec Veneris, nec tu vini
Sperne lucrum: vexat mentes
Quid petitur sacris, nisi tantum
Adeste Musae, maximi proles Iovis
Quod latet, ignotum est
Nescio quid sit amor
Qui sermone placet
Cui bene succedit
Noli laudari
Si vitare velis
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