Herbeck: Selected German Works, Part 1

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Herbeck: German Works for Chorus
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Johann Herbeck
Selected German Works, Part 1
For Unaccompanied Men's Chorus

Edited by William E. Hettrick

N048 Herbeck: Selected German Works, Part 1
978-0-89579-628-8 Full Score (2008) 9x12, xix + 233 pp.
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Johann Herbeck (1831–77) joined the Wiener Männergesang-Verein in 1852, rose to the position of conductor in 1856, and continued as honorary conductor until his early death. During this time, he composed over a hundred works for men's chorus, both a cappella and accompanied, most of which were settings of German lyric poetry. The thirty-six compositions in this edition, amounting to one-half of his output for unaccompanied men's chorus, have been selected to illustrate his full command of a variety of styles and forms over his career of twenty-five years. Herbeck wrote for a chorus in four parts (TTBB), augmented in some pieces by solo voices. His works range from charming folk-like settings in strophic form and diatonic harmony, to dramatic expressions of the text in a chromatic idiom cast in modified-strophic and through-composed designs. The edition includes a biography of the composer and an evaluation of his works in this genre.
1. Im Volkston (Chorus)
2. Am Neckar, am Rhein! (Chorus)
3. Das macht das dunkelgrüne Laub (Soli and Chorus)
4. Neuer Frühling! (Chorus)
5. Wer ein Herz treueigen hält (Chorus)
6. Beim Wein (Chorus)
7. In der Fremde (Chorus)
8. Gleich und Gleich (Chorus)
9. Frühling und Liebe (Chorus)
10. Husarenlied (Chorus)
11. Trinkweise (Chorus)
12. Trinkspruch (Soli and Chorus)
13. Mucker und Schlucker (Chorus)
14. Morgenlied (Chorus)
15. Sängers Wahlspruch (Chorus)
16. Morgengebet (Chorus)
17. Festgesang (Soli and Chorus)
18. Versenkung (Chorus)
19. Wanderlied (Chorus)
20. Festgesang für den Kronprinzen Rudolf (Chorus)
21. Wanderlied der Prager Studenten (Chorus)
22. Das Vermächtniß der Todten (Chorus)
23. Ständchen (Chorus)
24. Die Studenten (Soli and Chorus)
25. Gruß an Steiermark! (Chorus)
26. Danklied (Chorus)
27. Sahara (Chorus)
28. Tempora mutantur (Bass Solo and Chorus)
29. Was uns liebt und was wir lieben (Chorus)
30. Im Erzgebirge (Soli and Chorus)
31. Der Verliebte (Chorus)
32. Raum dem Lenze (Chorus)
33. Wanderlust (Chorus)
34. Maienzeit! (Soli and Chorus)
35. Werner's Lied aus Welschland (I) (Chorus)
36. Werner's Lied aus Welschland (II) (Chorus)