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Hofer: Ver sacrum seu flores musici (Salzburg, 1677)

Hofer: Ver sacrum seu flores musici (Salzburg, 1677)
Andreas Hofer
Ver sacrum seu flores musici (Salzburg, 1677)
Edited by Kimberly Beck Hieb
This publication is a set of two volumes, each sold separately.

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Andreas Hofer’s Ver sacrum seu flores musici is the first printed collection of paraliturgical music for the archiepiscopal court of Salzburg published in a modern edition, an important reparative to the overemphasis on the court’s instrumental virtuosos, Heinrich Biber and Georg Muffat. The eighteen pieces of the collection are ordered liturgically, with each composition assigned to a specific feast day. Hofer’s texts are a unique collection of centonized scripture, poetry, and prose, which, through creative manipulation of instrumentation, texture, and style, the composer musically dramatizes for the celebration of each feast. Referred to in the note to the reader as works “for the offertory” (despite the absence of any prescribed liturgical texts), these pieces demonstrate the malleable nature of the musical genre in the early modern period.
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