Frequently Asked Questions

Print Products

Are scores and part sets sold together?
Scores and parts are sold separately unless otherwise indicated on the product page.

How do I obtain rental parts for performance?
Begin the rental process by completing the request form on the product page. For further information, see the Permissions and Rentals page. 

Do I need to ask permission to perform or record?
In most cases, yes. For more information, see the Permissions and Rentals page.

Digital Prints

What are digital prints?
Build your own digital music library of individual works from our published volumes for study or performance! Purchase of these digital products allows unlimited viewing and printing through a browser interface, both immediately and in the future.

The purchasing process requires account creation or sign in. To access your digital purchases, simply sign in and click “My Library” at the top of the screen or “My Digital Music Library” in your account dashboard.

Digital prints are copyrighted material for purchase and use by individuals only; resale and redistribution are strictly prohibited.

I ordered a digital print but didn't receive a PDF?
The purchase of a digital print places a copy of the digital print in your Digital Music Library on our website (see next question), and you may view or print it from the link in your library. You will not receive a PDF directly; the link will open the file in a browser-based viewer. You may "print to PDF" using the printer settings in the Digital Print viewer.

Where can I find my digital prints? 
Use the links found in your order confirmation email or select "My Digital Music Library" when viewing your website account. 

Do some browsers work better than others for viewing and printing digital prints?
Yes, we recommend these browsers:

  • Mac: Safari
  • PC: Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer

Many customers have experienced viewing and printing issues when using Mozilla Firefox, but the issues are resolved by switching browsers.

Why are page missing when I print my digital print file?
The file will not print properly until all pages have been successfully rendered in the viewer. Click through to make sure all pages are visible in the browser before attempting to print the file. Page rendering is dependent on the speed of the internet connection, but once the file has rendered the first time, the file will appear faster upon subsequent viewings.

My printer is not recognizing the proper page breaks in my digital print file. How can I fix that?
Check your printer settings in the printer dialogue box. Make sure to deselect the "print headers and footers" option. Page scaling should be set to default or 100% and a letter-size paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Printing to A4 paper will require different scaling (approx. 94%). 

Orders and Shipping

How do I change an order?
If your order has not been shipped yet, please email to request changes.

What are my shipping options?
See the Shipping Policy page for more information. 

When will I get my order?
Shipment times depend on the destination and shipping method. See the Shipping Policy page for more information.

How can I place an order without using the website?
If you prefer not to use the website, you may email or call 608-836-9000.

Publishing with A-R Editions

Will you consider my edition or book for publication? 
All publications must go through a proposal review process, which varies by series and/or publisher. For details, see the Editors and Authors page.

Where can I find style sheets and submission guidelines?  
See the Editors and Authors page for style sheets and submission guidelines.