Computer Music and Digital Audio Series: Information for Authors

We invite you to submit proposals for new books in the Computer Music and Digital Audio Series. The series contains a number of books in the area of music and technology. Because music is at the core of A-R's success in publishing, production services, and software development, the element of music is essential to all DAS publications.

DAS books deal with digital audio issues, artificial intelligence and composing with the computer, music processing, MIDI applications, synthesizer techniques, and bibliographic tools for computers and music. These include reference books and professional references, as well as college textbooks, and monographs. Supplements to DAS books can include CD-ROMs.

As technology continues to expand, this series will develop with books that explore new areas and their relationship with music. Above all, DAS has the potential to communicate important ideas about music and technology to a broad audience that already includes musicians, scientists, technicians, and students.

Please use the following guidelines to submit a proposal for a DAS book.

Cover Letter

Identify yourself and your book in the cover letter, and include your full name, mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail address. Include a curriculum vitae and list of publications, along with any other useful information.

Book Proposal

Include the following elements in the proposal: 

  • Working title 
  • Abstract 
  • Completion date for the manuscript 
  • Target readership/market 
  • Competing publications (List all similar books currently available.) 
  • Unique features of your publication 
  • Outline and proposed table of contents

Send all proposal materials to James L. Zychowicz at A-R Editions.