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A-R Editions welcomes proposals for all of our series of music publications. Proposals are accepted at any time and review begins immediately upon receipt. Completion of the review process usually takes several months. Proposal materials will not be returned. Contact us if you have questions regarding the proposal review process.

For detailed proposal requirements, see the following documents:
Recent Researches in Music (except the Oral Traditions series) (PDF) (updated Jan 2023)
Recent Researches in the Oral Traditions of Music (PDF) (updated Jan 2023)
For A-R Special Publications proposal information, please contact us.

The series Collegium Musicum: Yale University is closed; projects appropriate to that series should be proposed for the Recent Researches in Music series instead.

Greenway Music Press does not accept proposals or unsolicited manuscripts.

For Editors with Publishing Agreements

Preparing Manuscripts for Submission (PDF)  (updated Jan 2023)
Guidelines for Using Music Engraving Software (PDF)

Please contact the Managing Editor for paperwork related to manuscript submission (author contact information, abstract, complimentary copies).