Ingalls Wilder Family Songbook

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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The Ingalls Wilder Family Songbook

Edited by Dale Cockrell

MU22/A071 Ingalls Wilder Family Songbook
978-0-89579-687-5 Full Score (2011) 9x12, lii + 425 pp.
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The eight Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867–1957), anchored in her family’s history and filled with memories of frontier life, are cornerstone classics in American children’s literature.  Embedded in them are citations to 127 pieces of music—from parlor songs, stage songs, minstrel show songs, patriotic songs, Scottish and Irish songs, hymns and spirituals, to fiddle tunes, singing school songs, play party songs, folk songs, broadside ballads, catches and rounds.  No books in American literature of comparable standing and popularity feature America’s vernacular music so centrally, assign it such a major narrative role, and index it in such rich abundance.
This edition is a reconstruction of "the family songbook," based on the music referenced in Wilder’s books.  Although no such object ever existed, her representations of music-making have likely informed the imaginations of more Americans than many a paper-and-bindings anthology, for what millions of readers have come to know about  America’s musical heritage is what they learned from the Little House books—the titles and lyrics to songs; how songs and tunes functioned; where they were heard; what they meant; the importance of music to individuals, families, and communities.  Wilder’s references and her evocative images of music-making thus form the basis of understanding about "American music" to many readers.  The Ingalls Wilder Family Songbook is an effort to give fresh voice and sound to the music inscribed in these great books and new appreciation about how music functioned during a place and time important in American history and mythology.
From the Oral Tradition
Children’s Songs
  1. Billy Boy
  2. Bye, Baby Bunting
  3. Pease Porridge Hot
  4. Pop Goes the Weasel
  5. Ring around the Roses
  6. Sing a Song of Sixpence
  7. Uncle John
  8. Weevily Wheat
Fiddle Tunes
  9. The Arkansas Traveler
  10. The Campbells Are Coming
  11. The Devil’s Dream
  12. The Girl I Left behind Me
  13. Haste to the Wedding
  14. Highland Fling
  15. The Irish Washerwoman
  16. Life Let Us Cherish
  17. Money Musk
  18. Polly Put the Kettle On
  19. The Red Heifer
Folk Songs
  20. Barbara Allen
  21. Green Grows the Laurel
  22. Let the Toast Pass
  23. Mary of the Wild Moor
  24. Nobody Ask’d You
  25. Old Grimes
  26. The Railroader
  27. Roll the Old Chariot Along
  28. The Tread-Mill
From Published Sources
Concert/Theater Songs
  29. The Big Sunflower
  30. De Boatmen’s Dance
  31. Buffalo Gals
  32. Buy a Broom!
  33. Camptown Races
  34. Captain Jinks
  35. Come In and Shut the Door
  36. Darling Nelly Gray
  37. Dixie’s Land
  38. Down in Alabam
  39. De Floating Scow of Old Virginia
  40. The Gipsy King
  41. The Gum Tree Canoe
  42. Home! Sweet Home!
  43. I Wish I Were Single Again
  44. Keep the Horseshoe over the Door
  45. Kitty Wells
  46. A Life on the Ocean Wave
  47. Little Annie Rooney
  48. The May Queen, Part Second: New Year’s Eve
  49. Mistress Jinks of Madison Square
  50. A Motto for Every Man
  51. My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night
  52. Nelly Was a Lady
  53. The New Year’s Come
  54. Oh! Boys, Carry Me ’Long
  55. Old Dan Tucker
  56. Old Folks at Home
  57. Old John Brown
  58. Paddle Your Own Canoe
  59. Roll On Silver Moon
  60. Skidmore Guard
  61. Susanna
  62. ’Twill Nebber Do to Gib It Up So!
  63. Uncle Ned
  64. Uncle Sam’s Farm
  65. Wait for the Wagon
  66. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way
Hymns/Sunday School Songs
  67. Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
  68. Canaan
  69. Doxology
  70. The Evergreen Shore
  71. Gentle Words and Loving Smiles
  72. The Good Old Way
  73. The Happy Land
  74. The Home of the Soul
  75. Jerusalem, the Golden
  76. Jesus Holds My Hand
  77. Lend a Helping Hand
  78. Merry, Merry Christmas!
  79. Mountain of the Lord
  80. My Sabbath Home
  81. The Ninety and Nine
  82. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
  83. Pull for the Shore
  84. Rock of Ages
  85. A Shelter in the Time of Storm
  86. The Star of Bethlehem
  87. Sweet By and By
  88. What Shall the Harvest Be?
  89. When I Can Read My Title Clear
Parlor Songs
  90. The Battle Cry of Freedom
  91. The Beacon-Light of Home
  92. Ben Bolt
  93. Beware!
  94. The Blue Juniata
  95. Daisy Deane
  96. The Gipsie’s Warning
  97. Golden Years Are Passing By
  98. In Dreamland far Away
  99. In the Starlight
  100. Jingle Bells
  101. Lilly Dale
  102. Love’s Old Sweet Song
  103. Marching through Georgia
  104. The Old Time
  105. Polly-Wolly-Doodle
  106. Rock Me to Sleep, Mother
  107. The Singin Skewl
  108. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  109. The Whip-Poor-Will’s Song
Scottish/Irish Songs
  110. All the Blue Bonnets
  111. Auld Lang Syne
  112. Bonny Doon
  113. Comin’ thro’ the Rye
  114. Highland Mary
  115. My Heart Is Sair for Somebody
  116. Oft in the Stilly Night
  117. O Whistle and I’ll Come to You
Singing School Music
  118. Gaily Now Our Boat Is Sailing
  119. Great Is the Lord
  120. The Heavens Declare the Glory
  121. The Song of the Grass
  122. Three Blind Mice
  123. We Are All Here
Songs of the Nation
124. America
125. Hail Columbia
126. The Star Spangled Banner
127. Yankee Doodle