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Brasov Tablature

The Brasov Tablature (Brasov Music Manuscript 808)
German Keyboard Studies 1680–1684
Edited by John H. Baron
Brasov Tablature
Full Score (1982)
9x12, xv + 88 pp.

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The Brasov Tablature contains extensive keyboard fingering, rare in late seventeenth-century music, and presents one of the earliest sets of preludes in successive keys. The tablature contains a collection of pieces representative of the period's German keyboard genre, including preludes, fugues, toccatas, chorale preludes, a fantasia, and a capriccio.
1. Praeambulum in C Minor, Johann Heinrich Kittel
2. Praeludium in C Major, Johann Heinrich Kittel
3. Praeambulum in D Minor, Johann Heinrich Kittel
4. Praeludium in D Major, Johann Heinrich Kittel
5. Praeambulum in E, Johann Heinrich Kittel
6. Praeludium in F, Johann Heinrich Kittel
7. Praeambulum in G Minor, Johann Heinrich Kittel
8. Praeludium in G Major, Johann Heinrich Kittel
9. Praeambulum in A Minor, Johann Heinrich Kittel
10. Praeludium in A Major, Johann Heinrich Kittel
11. Praeambulum in B-flat, Johann Heinrich Kittel
12. Praeludium in B, Johann Heinrich Kittel
13. Capriccio on Brevem Bassum, Johann Heinrich Kittel
14. Concordantiae in C
15. Praeambulum on "Ich ruff zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ"
16. Praeambulum in C
17. Praeambulum in D
18. Praeambulum in A
19. Praeambulum in A
20. Praeludium in A
21. Praeludium in G
22. Praeludium in G
23. Praeludium in F
24. Praeludium of the sixth tone in F
25. Praeludium of the fourth tone in E
26. Praeambulum of the seventh and eighth tones in G Major
27. Praeludium of the first and second tones in G "February Second"
28. Praeambulum of the eleventh and twelfth tones in D Major
29. Praeambulum of the seventh and eighth tones transposed to A Major
30. Praeambulum of the ninth and tenth tones in A
31. Praeludium of the eleventh and twelfth tones in F
32. Praeambulum of the eleventh and twelfth tones in C
33. Praeludium of the fifth and sixth tones in B-flat
34. Fuga in G on "Ach wie sehnlich"
35. Fuga in A on "Was mein Gott will"
36. Fuga or Variation in F on "Wo Gott zum Haus nicht graben"
37. Fuga in D
38. Fuga in D
39. Fuga in C on "Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ," Johann Ulich
40. Fuga in E on "Erbarm dich mein o Herre Gott," Johann Ulich
41. Fuga in C
42. Fuga in G
43. Fuga in F
44. Fuga in A
45. Fuga in G
46. Fuga in G
47. Fuga of the second tone in G
48. Fuga, Sign[or Johann Jakob] Froberger
49. Fuga in A, B[ernhard] Meyer
50. Fuga in A
51. Praeludium in G
52. Praeludium in G Minor
53. Praeludium in E
54. Praeludium in G Minor
55. Praeludium in E
56. Praeludium in E
57. Fuga of the ninth and tenth tones in D
58. Fuga in D
59. Fuga of the third and fourth tones in A Major
60. Fuga in G
61. Fuga in D
62. Fuga of the seventh and eighth tones in C
63. Fuga in D
64. Fuga in A Minor
65. Fuga of the second tone in D Major
66. Fuga in G for February 1
67. Fuga in D
68. Fuga in G
69. Toccata in D
70. Toccata in G
71. Toccata in C: "the fifth of February"
72. Toccata in E
73. Toccata of the second tone in G
74. Toccata of the third tone: "Durch Mordantam," B[ernhard] Meyer
75. Fuga Simplex of the third Mode, B[ernhard] Meyer
76. Fantasia in G
77. Principium of the eighth tone in G Major
78. Magnificat: Intonation of the fourth tone in E
79. Magnificat: Verse 1 of the eighth tone in G
80. Magnificat: Verse 2 in G, Chorale in discant with two keyboards
81. Magnificat: Verse 3 in G
82. Magnificat: Verse 5 in G, Chorale in Bass
83. Magnificat: Verse 6, Tutti
84. Fuga in E, Dan[iel] Cron[er]
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