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Pasquini, E.: Collected Keyboard Works

Ercole Pasquini
Collected Keyboard Works
Edited by W. Richard Shindle
Pasquini, E.: Collected Keyboard Works
Full Score (1966)
Unbound offprint, ix + 103 pp.

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Corpus of Early Keyboard Music
CONTENTS: No. 1 Toccata No. 2 Toccata No. 3 Toccata No. 4 Toccata No. 5 Toccata No. 6 Toccata No. 7 Durezze e ligature No. 8 Durezze No. 9 Canzono No. 10 Canzona No. 11 Fuga No. 12 Canzona No. 13 Canzona francese No. 14 Canzona No. 15 Canzona No. 16a Canzona No. 16b Canzona No. 16c Canzona terzo tono No. 17 Altra Sonata No. 18a Canzona No. 18b Canzona No. 19 Primo tono No. 20 [untitled] No. 21 Ancor che col partire No. 22 Ruggiero No. 23a Pass'e mezzo No. 23b Pass'e mezzo No. 24 Romanesca No. 25 Romanesca No. 26 [untitled] No. 27 Corrente No. 28a Corrente No. 28b Corrente No. 29 Gagliarda No. 30 B.D.H.P. Appendix No. 1 [untitled]
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