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Isaac: Opera Omnia, Vol. XI

Heinrich Isaac
Opera Omnia, Vol. XI
Motets, Part 2
Edited by Edward R. Lerner
Isaac: Opera Omnia, Vol. XI
Full Score (2011)
9.5x13.75, xciv + 208 pp.

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The publication of these 52 motets in two volumes helps to complete our picture of the voluminous musical legacy of Flemish composer Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517). Many of these works are published here in modern notation for the first time. Although these motets are not commonly known today, they were widely circulated in Isaac’s time. Some appeared in editions printed by Petrucci as early as 1506, and others appeared in volumes printed by Rhao, Petreius, and Montanus & Nauber. Some of these motets only appeared in manuscripts such as Berlin MS 40021 or the Regensburg collection of manuscripts from 1570-80. Under the supervision of Isaac’s student Ludwig Senfl, many of these motets were copied or printed well into the sixteenth century.
Although Isaac is perhaps best known for his monumental collection of Mass Ordinary and Proper motets, the Choralis Constantinus, these isolated motets, although fewer in number, are no less important in allowing us to view and judge his compositional mastery. Their texts range from the strictly liturgical to the spiritual Leise to Latin aphoristic poems in hexameter. This diversity points to their wide use both within and outside of the traditional liturgy. As such, they provide us with a much broader view of Isaac’s musical world.
26. Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae
27. Parce, Domine
28. Prophetarum maxime
29. Quae est ista
30. Quem tremunt
31. Qui paracletus diceris
32. Quid retribuam tibi
33. Quis dabit capiti meo aquam
34a. Quis dabit pacem populi timenti
34b. Illumina oculos meos (contrafactum)
35. Recordare, Jesu Christe
36. Regina caeli
37a. Rogamus te piisima virgo maria
37b. La Mi La Sol (textless)
38. Salve Regina (1)
39. Salve Regina (2)
40. Sancta Maria Virgo
41. Sancti spiritus assit nobis gratis
42. Sive vivamus
43. Sol occasum
44. Spiritus sanctus
45. Sub tuum praesidium
46. Sustinuimus pacem
47. Te mane laudum carmine
48. Tota pulchra es
49. Tristitia vestra
50. Virgo prudentissima quo progederis
51a. Virgo prudentissima quae pia
51b. Christus filius Dei (contrafactum)
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