Israeli Folk Music

Series: Oral Traditions  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Israeli Folk Music
Songs of the Early Pioneers

Edited by Hans Nathan

OT004 Israeli Folk Music
978-0-89579-306-5 Full Score (1994) 9x12, xxi + 64 pp.
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During the 1930s several of Europe’s most distinguished composers received commissions to arrange Hebrew songs collected from early settlers in Israel and circulated on postcards. In this edition, fifteen songs appear in voice and keyboard arrangements by Aaron Copland, Paul Dessau, Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, Ernst Toch, Stefan Wolpe, and Kurt Weill, making the volume a resource for performer and scholar alike. In addition, ten melodies are presented in facsimiles of the original postcards. An afterword is devoted to the significance of folk-song collecting and to the diverse uses of folk music during the period of nascent Israeli national identity.
1. Havu L'venim (Bring the Bricks), Kurt Weill
2. Gam Hayom (Day After Day), Darius Milhaud
3. Ra'ino Amalenu (We Beheld Our Toil), Arthur Honegger
4. Ra'inu Amalenu (We Beheld Our Toil), Stefan Wolpe
5. Banu (We've Come), Aaron Copland
6. 'Ali B'er (Ascend, My Well), Paul Dessau
7. Seh Ug'di (A Lamb and a Kid), Ernst Toch
8. Alei Giv'a, Sham Bagalil (Atop a Hill in Galilee), Paul Dessau
9. Hine Achal'la Bachalili (Lo, I Play upon My Flute), Paul Dessau
10. Saleinu Al K'tefeinu (Our Baskets on Our Shoulders), Stefan Wolpe
11. Avatiach (A Watermelon), Ernst Toch
12. Yeled Kat (Tiny Child), Ernst Toch
13. Tel Aviv [Lamidbar] (To the Desert), Stefan Wolpe
14. Holem Tza'adi (My Step Resounds), Darius Milhaud
15. Ba'a M'nucha (There Comes Peace), Kurt Weill
A. Kuma Echa (Rise, O Brethren!), Erich Walter Sternberg
B. Tapuach Zahav (An Orange), Ernst Toch
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