Jenkins: Lyra Viol Consorts

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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John Jenkins
The Lyra Viol Consorts

Edited by Frank Traficante

B067-68 Jenkins: Lyra Viol Consorts
978-0-89579-271-6 Full Score (1992) 9x12, xlviii + 183 pp.
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Performance Parts (Available Separately)

Instrumental Part(s) (1992)
Set of 4 parts (vn./treble vyole/treble; lyra vyole; b. vyole/b./basso; harpsecon/harpsecord)
Constituting a significant portion of Jenkins's output, his consorts for lyra viol (a lute-like style of music for bass viol notated in tablature) exemplify the instrumental consort music of the seventeenth century in England. The works are mainly suites, with elaborate variations in some movements.
Ayres: For the Harpsecon, Lyra Vyole, Base Vyole, and Vyolin
Suite in C Major
The Sixe Bells
Suite in A Minor
Aires for a Treble Vyole, Base Vyole, and Lyra Vyole: To the Harpsecord
Suite in G Minor
Suite in G Major
Aires for a Treble, Lyra, Base, and Harpsecord
Suite in D Minor
Suite in D Major
The 5 Bells
Sonatas for Treble, Lyra, and Basso
Suite in G Minor
Suite in G Major
Suite in D Minor
Jane Troy Johnson, Notes, December 1993; Andrew Ashbee, Chelys, 1993; David Pinto, Music & Letters