Jenks: Collected Works

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Stephen Jenks
Collected Works

Edited by David Warren Steel

A018 Jenks: Collected Works
978-0-89579-316-4 Full Score (1995) 9x12, lxxi + 403 pp.
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A prolific exponent of the American musical idiom developed by Daniel Read and other Connecticut composers in the 1780s and 1790s, Stephen Jenks contributed 127 pieces to the ten collections of psalmody he issued from 1799 to 1818. His "Mount Vernon" (1700) is the best known of the many pieces mourning George Washington's death; "Sorrow's Tear" (1804) may be the earliest American setting of a poem by Thomas Moore. Compositions by Jenks were reprinted by other compilers throughout the nineteenth century, and songs like "Liberty," "Evening Shade," and "North Salem" survive today in the Southern tradition through their appearance in shape-note tunebooks. The present edition includes all of Jenks's surviving compositions along with a biography of the composer and a detailed study of his music. Containing over two hundred vocal compositions for three and four voices, this edition includes all of Jenks's surviving works.
Published Works
Adieu C.M.
Alarm C.M.
America L.M.
American Slaves Liberated
Anthem for Dedication
An Anthem for Thanksgiving
Anthem: From Isaiah
Armenia P.M.
Babel's Streams C.M.
Bedford S.M.
Brimfield S.M.
Brooklyne S.M.
Canaan L.M.
Captivity P.M.
Chesterfield P.M.
Christian Love S.M.
Clapboardtrees C.M.
Columbia P.M.
Columbus S.M.
Compassion S.M.
Complaint S.M.
Confession L.M.
Contentment S.M.
Curiosity P.M.
Danville C.M.
Dartmouth S.M.
Decay S.M.
Deerfield C.M.
Delight S.M.
Desire P.M.
Desolation P.M.
Detroit P.M.
Divine Love L.M.
Douglas S.M.
Edington C.M.
Evening Hymn S.M.
Evening Shade S.M.
Exeter L.M.
Fading Nature L.M.
Fading Nature L.M., Revised setting
Fair-Haven S.M.
Fitchburgh S.M.
Franklin L.M.
A Funeral Dirge [P.M.]
A Funeral Elegy [P.M.]: On the Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Cutler
A Funeral Elegy: To the Memory of Mr. Waters Richards
Genius P.M.
Glad-Tidings C.M.
Good Friday L.M.
Goshen L.M.
Hampton S.M.
Harmony P.M.
Holliston C.M.
Intercession C.M.
Invitation P.M.
Invocation L.M.
Killingly S.M.
Last Day P.M.
Liberty C.M.
Majesty C.M.
Marcellus S.M.
Masonick Ode
Meditation C.M.
Morning Hymn S.M.
Mortality New L.M.
Mount Calvary P.M.
Mount Calvary P.M., Revised setting
Mount Olivet P.M.
Mount Pleasant P.M.
Mount-Vernon L.M.
New Dedham S.M.
New-Greenfield C.M.
New-Hartford L.M.
New-Haven P.M.
New London C.M.
New Suffield S.M.
New-Year P.M.
Newburyport L.M.
Newington P.M.
North Salem C.M.
North Salem C.M., Revised setting
North Stamford C.M.
Norwalk C.M.
Ode on the Setting Sun
Ohio S.M.
Orange C.M.
Plainfield L.M.
Pleasant Valley P.M.
Pleasure L.M.
Poundridge C.M.
Preston P.M.
Protection P.M.
Prussia S.M.
Ransom C.M.
Redemption S.M.
Religion C.M.
Repose C.M.
Resignation L.M.
Ridgfield C.M.
Rome L.M.
Rueport S.M.
The Saint's Exit
Salem S.M.
Separation C.M.
Solemnity L.M.
Somers S.M.
Sorrow's Tear L.M.
Strong Hope L.M.
Suffering Saviour L.M.
Sunderland S.M.
Sweet Farewell P.M.
Sweet Prospect P.M.
Sweet Rest S.M.
Tolland P.M.
Torringford C.M.
Trinity P.M.
Triumph P.M.
Tuneful Harp C.M.
Variety C.M.
Walpole New C.M.
Washington C.M.
Weeping Nature L.M.
West Simsbury S.M.
Williamsburgh L.M.
Wilton S.M.
Windsor New P.M.
Windsor New P.M., Revised setting
Wintonbury C.M.
Wisdom S.M.
Woodbridge C.M.
Unpublished Works
Arise C.M.
Attention C.M.
Babel's Streams C.M.
Beauty S.M.
Bleeding Love S.M.
Blooms to Die L.M.
Bright Glory P.M.
Byford P.M.
Choice S.M.
The Christian Soldier P.M.
Church Street P.M.
Come Ye Sinners P.M.
Compassion C.M.
Complaint S.M.
Consolation P.M.
Crown of Love P.M.
Decay S.M.
Decline L.M.
Departing Friends P.M.
Despondence L.M.
A Dirge P.M.
Dominion P.M.
Doomsday S.M.
The Dying Saint P.M.
East Windsor S.M.
Fairview S.M.
The Family Bible P.M.
Farewell P.M.
Garden L.M.
The Garment L.M.
Glad Tidings P.M.
Glory P.M.
Gone to Rest C.M.
The Gospel Armor L.M.
The Gospel Banner P.M.
The Gospel Call L.M.
The Gospel Market P.M.
Grief L.M.
Hartford P.M.
The Harvest Hymn P.M.
Haste O Sinner P.M.
Immortal Bloom P.M.
Invite P.M.
Jordan's Streams C.M.
Joyful Sound S.M.
Jubilee P.M.
Judgment P.M.
Lamentation L.M.
Land of Pleasure P.M.
Life P.M.
Lineville L.M.
Melody S.M.
Mexico L.M.
Morning L.M.
Mortality P.M.
New Lisbon P.M.
Onward Speed P.M.
Painesville P.M.
Peaceful Rest P.M.
Perseverance C.M.
The Pilgrim P.M.
The Pilgrim's Song P.M.
The Promise P.M.
Protection L.M.
Psalm 23 S.M.
Request P.M.
Resolution P.M.
Ridgefield P.M.
Rock of Ages L.M.
Sabbatic Year P.M.
Saint's Exit
The Saint's Harp
Shed Not a Tear
Solitude P.M.
Solon S.M.
Somers C.M.
Song of Praise P.M.
The Sonnet P.M.
South Thompson S.M.
The Sparrow C.M.
Spread Thy Wings P.M.
Springfield S.M.
Stormy Banks C.M.
Summons P.M.
Supplication P.M.
Thompson L.M.
Time's Motion C.M.
Venus S.M.
Why Will Ye Die P.M.
Wilbraham S.M.
Will You Go P.M.
Zion's Fall P.M.
Linda G. Davenport, Notes, March 1997