Kefauver: Fundamentals of Digital Audio

Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Fundamentals of Digital Audio

Alan P. Kefauver, David Patschke

DAS022 Kefauver: Fundamentals of Digital Audio
978-0-89579-611-0 Book (2007) 7.5 x 9.25, xivi + 190 pp.
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In Fundamentals of Digital Audio, Alan P. Kefauver and David Patschke present a systematic overview of the elements for digital recording and reproducing sound. With ideas grounded in the principles of acoustics, the authors explore the essential issues involved in preserving, transferring, and modifying sound recordings in the digital domain. In addition to references on historic methods of sound reproduction, this book includes detailed information about the latest digital audio technology.

Of special interest is the coverage of storage media and compression technologies. The authors detail a comprehensive introduction and evolution of data storage and media standards, including CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD, as well as fully (but plainly) detailing associated digital audio compression algorithms. They catalog in detail the processes involved in digitally editing recorded sound, presenting a step-by-step editing and mastering session.

Fundamentals of Digital Audio is an essential textbook for anyone who wants to better understand or work with recorded sound using today's digital equipment. The book contains many diagrams and illustrations through which the authors share their expertise with the reader. Among the few books that treats this subject both comprehensively and understandably, the new edition of Fundamentals of Digital Audio should continue to be an indispensable text in this area.
The Basics
The Digital PCM Encoding Process
The Digital Decoding Process
Other Encoding/Decoding Systems
Data Compressions Formats
Tape-Based Storage and Retrieval Systems
Disk-Based Storage Systems
Digital Audio Editing
The Digital Editing and Mastering Session
Signal Interconnection and Transmission
Further Reading/Bibliography