Kefauver: The Audio Recording Handbook

Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio  Publisher: A-R Editions
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The Audio Recording Handbook

Alan P. Kefauver

DAS017 Kefauver: The Audio Recording Handbook
978-0-89579-462-8 Book (2001) 7.5 x 9.25, xii + 606 pp
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Alan Kefauver’s Audio Recording Handbook is a comprehensive guide that covers every aspect of the recording process. Following a discussion of sound, Kefauver explores loudspeakers and microphones and also current audio signal processing devices. He covers at length issues of reverberation, equalizers, compressors, noise reduction, and other processes for recording and editing sound.

The Audio Recording Handbook includes sections devoted to analog and digital audio systems, digital editing workstations, tape recorder alignment, and synchronization systems. In addition, Kefauver discusses the features of both analog and digital recording consoles, as well as various console automation systems. Throughout the book, applications to surround sound formats are addressed. On of the most useful parts of The Audio Recording Handbook is the discussion of the recording, mixdown, and editing sessions, which brings together everything covered in the text clearly and effectively.

In this third edition published by A-R Editions, Kefauver has completely updated The Audio Recording Handbook. to reflect current technology. This edition provides readers with the latest information in the audio field. The book includes a full glossary and an up-to-date bibliography.
Section I: Measuring Sound
Chapter 1: The Raw Materials of Sound
Chapter 2: Sound Measuring Devices

Section II: Transducers: Microphones and Loudspeakers
Chapter 3: Microphone Design
Chapter 4: Microphone Technique
Chapter 5: Loudspeakers

Section III: Sound Processing Devices
Chapter 6: Time Domain Processing: Echoes and Reverberations
Chapter 7: Frequency Domain Processing: Equalizers
Chapter 8: Amplitude Domain Processing
Chapter 9: Analog Noise Reduction

Section IV: Analog Audio Recording Systems
Chapter 10: Magnetic Tape
Chapter 11: The Analog Tape Recorder
Chapter 12: Analog Tape Recroder Maintenance and Alignment

Section V: Digital Audio Systems
Chapter 13: Digital Audio
Chapter 14: Digital Audio Recroding Systems

Section VI: Synchronization Systems
Chapter 15: Time Code

Section VII: The Recording Console
Chapter 16: Recording Studio Consoles
Chapter 17: Console Automation Systems

Section VIII: The Recording Process
Chapter 18: The Recording Session
Chapter 19: The Mixdown Session

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