Keyboard Transcriptions from the Bach Circle

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Keyboard Transcriptions from the Bach Circle

Edited by Russell Stinson

B069 Keyboard Transcriptions from the Bach Circle
978-0-89579-269-3 Full Score (1992) 9x12, xviii + 131 pp.
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The fifteen works included in this edition represent the two most common types of solo keyboard transcription in Germany during the late Baroque: harpsichord and organ arrangements of concertos, and organ transcriptions (for two manuals and pedal) of trios. These transcriptions were prepared by personal acquaintances of J. S. Bach's (J. P. Kellner, J. A. Scheibe, and J. G. Walther) or by pupils of these acquaintances. For the most part previously unpublished, the arrangements are modeled after concertos by Tartini, Telemann, and Vivaldi, as well as trios by Locatelli and Bach himself. Of special interest are three organ trios adapted from a lost trio sonata by Bach.
Organ Trios
Bach/Kellner?, Trio in G Major
Bach/Kellner?, Trio in G Major
Bach/Mempell? Kellner?, Trio in G Major
Bach/Frischmuth? Kellner?, Trio in B Minor
Locatelli/Mempell?, Trio in G Major
Vivaldi/Scheibe?, Concerto in G Major
Telemann/Walther?, Concerto in B-flat Major
Telemann/Tzschirich? Krause?, Concerto in G Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto I in F Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto II in D Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto III in B-flat Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto IV in E-flat Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto V in C Major
Tartini/Frischmuth, Concerto VI in F Major
Editor's reconstruction of a lost Bach chamber work, third movement
Peter Wollny, Notes, September 1993; James B. Hartman, The Diapason, June 1995