Kijas: Life and Music of Teresa Carreño

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The Life and Music of Teresa Carreño (1853–1917)
A Guide to Research

Anna Kijas

IB041 Kijas: Life and Music of Teresa Carreño
978-0-89579-876-3 Book (2019) 7.5 x 9.25, xv + 349 pp.
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The Life and Music of Teresa Carreño (1853–1917): A Guide to Research is an essential reference on the extant primary sources, secondary literature, compositions, and recordings for scholars, students, musicians, or any interested in the life and career of Teresa Carreño, a Venezuelan-born pianist and composer. This guide is divided into three sections: (1) Life—includes a biography that examines Carreño’s career from her early performances as a musical prodigy through her years as a mature and internationally acclaimed artist in the 1910s, and a chronology; (2) Work—consists of annotated entries about manuscripts, early and modern editions, concert programs, piano rolls, and sound recordings; (3) Writings—consists of annotated entries about correspondence written to or by Carreño between 1873 and 1917, and primary and second literature published between 1862 and 2016. This is an important reference that brings forward the latest research on Carreño in a single volume.
Part 1: Life
1 Biography
2. Chronology
Part 2: Work
3 Compositions (W)
4 Concert Programs (P)
5 Piano Rollography (R)
6 Sound Recordings (S)
Part 3: Writings
7 Correspondence (C)
8 Literature (L)
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