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Lasso: Complete Motets 12

Orlando di Lasso
The Complete Motets 12
Sacrae cantiones quinque vocum (Munich, 1582)
Edited by Rebecca Oettinger
Lasso: Complete Motets 12
Full Score (2001)
8.5x11, xxv + 104 pp.

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In 1581 Lasso gained extraordinary rights to the publication of his own music when Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II granted him a rare personal printing privilege. Lasso's first publication to contain the text of the privilege, Sacrae cantiones quinque vocum, appeared in February 1582 from the Munich presses of Adam Berg. Berg would challenge Lasso's new rights indirectly, taking Nuremberg printer Katharina Gerlach to local and imperial courts over her 1582 Fasciculi aliquot sacrarum cantionum, a volume printed with Lasso's permission. The twenty five-voice motets in this volume range from complex free imitative works, to cantus-firmus motets, to a work best described as a musical joke, "Ut queant laxis." The feast of Corpus Christi receives emphasis with three motets, "O salutaris hostia," "O sacrum convivium," and "Respexit Elias."
1. Auris bona est
2. Peccata mea, Domine
3. Beatus vir, qui inventus est
4. Ego sum panis vivus
5. Impulsus eversus sum
6. Feci judicium et justitiam
7. O sacrum convivium
8. Justorum animae
9. Cantantibus organis
10. Popule meus, quid feci tibi
11. Qui sunt hi sermones
12. Anima mea liquefacta est
13. O salutaris hostia
14. Benedixisti, Domine, terram tuam
15. Deus tu conversus
16. Respexit Elias
17. Christus resurgens ex mortuis
18. Evehor invidia pressus
19. Ego sum pauper et dolens
20. Ut queant laxis
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