Lasso: Complete Motets 5

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Orlando di Lasso
The Complete Motets 5
Motets from Quinque et sex vocibus perornatae sacrae cantiones (Venice, 1565); Motets for Five to Eight Voices from Sacrae cantiones, liber secundus, tertius, quartus (Venice, 1566)

Edited by Peter Bergquist

R109 Lasso: Complete Motets 5
978-0-89579-385-0 Full Score (1997) 8.5x11, xxix + 306 pp.
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This volume includes twenty-six Lasso motets for five, six, and eight voices first published in Venice in Girolamo Scotto's Sacrae cantiones of 1565 and Antonio Gardano's Orlandi Lassi Sacrae Cantiones, books 2, 3, and 4. Lasso's settings of Italian texts had been frequently published in Italy since 1555, but his motets were not printed there (or almost anywhere else) until the 1560s. Gardano and his successors eventually published eight numbered books of Lasso motets, but these three and Scotto's book are the only ones that contain a significant number of first editions. The increase in length of some of the motets in the French books of 1564 and 1565 (CM 4) is seen in the Italian books as well, with extended gospel settings such as "Missus est Angelus Gabriel," "In principio erat Verbum," and "Cum natus esset Jesus." The hymn-motets "Jesu, corona virginum" and "Vexilla regis prodeunt" are similarly expansive. The setting of Savonarola's meditation on Psalm 50, "Infelix ego," is especially expressive. The ascription to Lasso of two motets in this volume, "Zachaee, festinans descende" and "Gloria Patri," is questionable.
Nine Motets from Quinque et sex vocibus perornatae sacrae cantiones
1. Missus est Angelus Gabriel
2. Tribus miraculis
3. Cantate Domino canticum novum
4. De ore prudentis
5. Deus canticum novum
6. Jesu, corona virginum
7. Vexilla regis prodeunt
8. Concupiscendo concupiscit
9. Lauda Jerusalem
Three Motets from Sacrae cantiones, liber secundus and tertius
1. Zachaee, festinans descende
2. Quid gloriaris in malitia
3. Gloria Patri
Sacrae cantiones, liber quartus
1. In principio erat Verbum
2. Cum natus esset Jesus
3. Domine, deduc me
4. Nuptiae factae sunt
5. Junior fui
6. Congratulamini mihi omnes
7. Tempus est, ut revertar
8. Homo, cum in honore esset
9. Audi tellus
10. Dominus mihi adjutor
11. Infelix ego
12. Anni nostri sicut aranea
13. Deus misereatur nostri
14. Levavi oculos meos in montes
Jessie Ann Owens, Notes, March 1999