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Lasso: Complete Motets 8

Orlando di Lasso
The Complete Motets 8
Moduli quinis vocibus (Paris, 1571)
Edited by Peter Bergquist
Lasso: Complete Motets 8
Full Score (1999)
8.5x11, xxiv + 140 pp.

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In 1571 Le Roy and Ballard in Paris began to publish Lasso motets again, after a six-year hiatus following their Modulorum . . . secundum volumen of 1565. Between 1571 and 1577 they issued eight books of Lasso's motets, of which only one, Moduli quinis vocibus numquam hactenus editi (RISM 1571a) consisted entirely of first editions. This book was dedicated to Wilhelm of Bavaria in a preface dated in Paris, where Lasso had traveled to meet with Adrian Le Roy and be introduced to King Charles IX. Whether Lasso intended to seek a position at the French court is uncertain, though such a position was offered in 1574. The dedication to Wilhelm is echoed in the first motet in the book, "Multarum hic resonat," and two others appear to be addressed to Wilhelm. The others are on religious texts. One of the most interesting is "Si bona suscepimus," in which Lasso may have chosen to end the piece away from the presumed final of its mode.
1. Multarum hic resonat
2. Emendemus in melius
3. Verba mea auribus percipe
4. Pater Abraham, miserere mei
5. Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis
6. Noli regibus, o Lamuel
7. Si bona suscepimus
8. Angelus Domini locutus est
9. Stabunt justi in magna constantia
10. Quid tamen, o quid agis
11. Veni, dilecte mi
12. Deus judex justus
13. Exsultet caelum, mare
14. Si quid vota valent
15. Quid prodest homini
16. Descendit sicut pluvia
17. Dominator, Domine
18. Inter natos mulierum
19. Nuntium vobis fer
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