Lasso, O. di: Two Motet Cycles for Matins for the Dead

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Orlando di Lasso
Two Motet Cycles for Matins for the Dead

Edited by Peter Bergquist

R055 Lasso, O. di: Two Motet Cycles for Matins for the Dead
978-0-89579-164-1 Full Score (1983) 8.5x11, xxi + 110 pp.
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Lasso's two four-voice settings for the nine lessons from the book of Job for the Office of the Dead differ sharply in style. The first cycle, an outstanding example of the composer's early motet style, is expansive, varied in texture, and often strongly expressive of the text. The second cycle, concise and highly declamatory, is in a style seldom encountered in any of Lasso's motets heretofore published in modern editions.
Sacrae lectiones ex Propheta Iob (ca. 1560) and Lectiones sacrae novem, ex libris Hiob excerptae (ca. 1582)
Lectio prima: "Parce mihi Domine: nihil enim sunt dies mei"
Lectio secunda: "Taedet animam meam vitae meae"
Lectio tertia: "Manus tuae Domine fecerunt me"
Lectio quarta: "Responde mihi: quantas habeo iniquitates et peccata"
Lectio quinta: "Homo, natus de muliere"
Lectio sexta: "Quis mihi hoc tribuat"
Lectio septima: "Spiritus meus attenuabitur"
Lectio octava: "Pelli meae, consumptis carnibus"
Lectio nona: "Quare de vulva eduxisti me?"
John Milsom, Early Music, May 1985