Lawes: Collected Vocal Music, Part 1

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Lawes: Collected Vocal Works
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William Lawes
Collected Vocal Music, Part 1
Solo Songs

Edited by Gordon J. Callon

B120 Lawes: Collected Vocal Music, Part 1
978-0-89579-513-7 Full Score (2002) 9x12, xxvi + 91 pp.
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Lawes’s autograph songbook, Lbl Add. MS 31,432 (1639–41), is the most complete source of his vocal music. Most of Lawes’s solo songs can be referred to as court songs or cavalier songs. Several are theater songs; indeed, more theater songs by Lawes survive than by any other composer of this period. English songs composed during the reign of Charles I have a distinct character, a unique amalgam of English tunefulness, Italian declamation, and French lyricism. This blend is quite unlike the more sophisticated gentility of the earlier English lute song, exemplified in the songs and ayres of John Dowland and John Danyel. Cavalier songs are more direct, more robust, less contrapuntal, and simpler in harmonic design. Lawes’s solo songs may be divided into three main types: declamatory songs, tuneful airs, and dance songs. To these may be added declamatory-ballad forms and theater songs.
Part 1
Songs from the Autograph Songbook (Lbl Add. MS 31,432)
1. Now in the sad declension of thy time
2. Virgins as I advise forbear
3. Dost see how unregarded now
4. If you a wrinkle on the sea have seen [fragment]
5. Ask me no more where Jove bestows
6. Oh, think not Phoebe
7. Up ladies up
8. Faith, be no longer coy
9. Cupid’s weary of the court
10. It is her voice
11. Where did you borrow that last sigh
12. Why should great beauty
13. Pleasures, beauty, youth attend thee
14. Whiles I this standing lake
15. To whom shall I complain
16. Had you but heard her sing
17. Farewell fair saint
18. Love’s a child
19. Early in the morn
20. Thou that excellest
21. Perfect and endless circles are
22. Can beauty’s spring
23. Tell me no more
24. God of winds
25. I would the god of love would die
26. Ah, cruel love
27. He that will not love. Persuasions not to love
28. I burn, I burn. To the dews
29. White though ye be. On the lilies
30a. Gather ye rosebuds
30b. Gather ye rosebuds [triple meter variant]
31. I’m sick of love. To the sycamore
32. Lovers, rejoice
33. That flame is born of earthly fire
34. Dearest, all fair
35. Be not proud, pretty one
36. Love, I obey
37. Oh, draw your curtains and appear (2 settings)
38. O Love, are all those arrows gone
39. Ye Fiends and Furies
40. Hence flatt’ring hopes
41. Stay, Phoebus, stay
42. Cloris, I wish that Envy were as just
43. Doris, see the am’rous flame
44. Those lovers only happy are
45. Amarilis tear thy hair
Songs from Other Sources
46. Why so pale and wan
47. No, no, fair heretic
48. Come, shepherds, come
49. Fair as unshaded light
50. Hark, hark how in ev’ry grove
51. I can for an hour. Be not proud, pretty one
52. I keep my horse, I keep my whore. The cutpurse song
53. O my Clarissa (2 settings)
54. Somnus, the ’umble god
55. Still to be neat, still to be dressed
56. Sullen Care, why dost thou keep
57. We show no monstrous crocodile
58. When I by thy fair shape
Part 2
1. When death shall snatch us from these kids
2. A health to the northern lass
3. The cats
4. Come, heavy heart
5. ’Tis not boy, thy amorous look
6. Charon! O gentle Charon!
7. Orpheus, O Orpheus, gently touch thy Lesbian lyre
8. Come, my Daphne, come away (2 settings)
9. Charon, O Charon!
10. Haste you nymphs
11. Sacred love whose virtuous power
12. The lark
13. Vulcan, O Vulcan, my love
14. What if I die for love of thee? (2 settings)
1. A hall, a hall
2. When each line’s a faithful drinker
3. What ho, we come to be merry
4. Music, the master of thy art is dead
5. All these lie howling
6. Come, lovely Cloris
7. Gather your rosebuds [arr. John Playford]
8. Good morrow unto her (2 settings)
9. Love is lost (2 settings)
10. O my Clarissa (2 settings)
Solo Plus Chorus
1. Come, take a carouse
2. Beliza, shade your shining eyes
3. On, on compassion shall never enter here
4. Come, Adonis, come again
5. Fill, fill the bowl. for 2 voyces
6. There can be no glad man
7. ’Tis no shame to yield to beauty
8. What should my mistress do
1. Some drink, boy
2. Hark, jolly lads
3. Call for the ale
4. Let’s cast away care
5. Stand still and listen
6. If we shall drink canary
7. I do confess
8. Whither go ye
9. Come, my lads
10. Tom, Ned, and Jack
11. Never let a man
12. Though I am not Bacchus’ priest
13. Brisk claret and sherry
14. Wars are our delight
15. A knot of good fellows
16. A pox on our jailer
17. A round, a round, a round, boys
18. Bess, black as a charcoal
19. Come, Amarillis, now let us be merry
20. Come, follow me brave hearts
21. Come, let us cast the dice
22. Come, let us have a merry heart
23. Come, quaff apace this brisk canary wine
24. Dainty fine aniseed water fine
25. Drink tonight of the moonshine bright
26. Goose lawed with Goose
27. Hang sorrow and cast away care
28. Hie we to the other world
29. I’ll tell you of a matter
30. It is folly to be jolly
31. See how Cawood’s dragon looks
32. See how in gathering of their May
33. The pot, the pipe, the quart, the can
34. The wise men were but seven
Appendix: Incomplete, Doubtful, and Wrongly Attributed Works
Come, Cloris, hie we to the bow’r [incomplete]
Damon, good morrow [arrangement, incomplete]
Dear leave thy home (1) [fragment?]
Dear leave thy home (2) [fragment]
Dear leave thy home (3) [arrangement, incomplete]
Love throws more dangerous darts [arrangement, incomplete]
When by thy scorn, foul murd’ress [arrangement, incomplete]
Why should fond man [arrangement, incomplete]
Go, bleeding heart [fragment]
Fear not, dear love [fragment]
Now that the spring hath fill’d our veins [incomplete]
Sing his praises that doth keep [arrangement, incomplete]
[Three-part setting in A minor (1)] [fragment]
[Three-part setting in A minor (2)] [fragment]
Here’s a jolly couple [incomplete]
He that a tinker would be, John Wilson?
Now, now the sun is fled
Your love if virtuous will show forth
Your love if virtuous will show forth [variant]
Part 3
1. Let God arise
2. The Lord is my light (2 settings)
3. They that go down to the sea in ships
Sacred Song
When man for sin thy judgement feels
“Oxford” Psalms
1. O Lord, in thee is all my trust
2. All people that on earth do dwell
3. Have mercy on us Lord
4. Lord in thy wrath reprove me not
5. O Lord, consider my distress
6. Cast me not, Lord, out from thy face
7. O God, my strength and fortitude
8. O Lord, of whom I do depend
9. O Lord, turn not away thy face [incomplete]
10. O God, my God
11. O Lord, depart not now from me
12. All ye that fear him praise the Lord
Motet Psalms
1. Lord, as the hart imbost with heat
2. Let God, the God of battle, rise
3. Out of the horror of the deep
4. Oft from my early youth
5. How like a widow!
6. Judah in exile wanders
7. How hath Jehovah’s wrath
8. Sing to the King of kings
9. Praise the Lord enthroned on high
10. My God! Oh, why hast thou forsook?
11. My God, my rock, regard my cry
12. They, who the Lord their fortress make
13. Behold, how good and joyful a thing it is
14. Oh, sing unto the Lord a new song
15. I am weary of my groaning
16. In the substraction of my years
17. How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord
18. Lord, thy deserved wrath assuage
19. Thou mover of the rolling spheres
20. To thee I cry; Lord, hear my cries
21. Thou, that art enthroned above
22. Come, sing the great Jehovah’s praise
23. To thee, O God, my God
24. To the God whom we adore
25. Ye nations of the earth
26. Let all in sweet accord clap hands
27. Ne irascaris, Domine
28. Memento, memento, Domine
29. In resurrectione tua, Domine
30. Gloria Patri et Filio
31. O blest estate, blest from above
32. Our Sion strongly is secured
1. Gloria in excelsis Deo
2. Happy sons of Israel
3. Jesus is harmonious
4. Lord, thou hast been favourable
5. Re Mi Re Ut Sol
6a. Regi, Regis, Regum (1)
6b. Regi, Regis, Regum (2)
7. She weepeth sore in the night
8. These salt rivers of mine eyes
9. ’Tis joy to see
10. Why weep’st thou Mary?
Part 4
The King’s Entertainment at Welbeck (1633), Ben Jonson
What softer sounds are these. Dialogue
The Triumph of Peace (1634), James Shirley
1. First Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque
      Sinfony: The howres descending
      [Song] (Irene): Hence, hence, ye profane
      Chorus: Hence, hence, ye profane
2. [Second Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      [Song] (Irene): Wherefore do my sisters stay?
      Chorus (3 Voices from the Chorus): See where she shines
3. [Third Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      [Dialogue] (Eunomia, Irene): Think not I could absent myself this night
      Chorus: Irene enters like a perfumed spring
4. [Seventh Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      [Trio] (Soprano 1 and 2, [Tenor? or Bass?]): Why do you dwell so long in clouds [arrangement, incomplete]
5. [Eighth Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      [Song] (Amphiluca): In envy of the night
6. [Ninth Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      [Chorus]: Come away, away, away, see the dawning of the day [fragment]
7. [First Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      Sinfony [variant]
8. [Second Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      Sinfony [variant]
9. [Third Song: Of the Inns of Court Masque]
      Sinfony [variant]
The Triumphs of the Prince d’Amour (1636), Sir William Davenant
1. Part of the Prince d’Amour His Masque at the Middle Temple
      [Dialogue] (Priests of Apollo): Behold, how this conjunction thrives!
      Chorus: Come, strew this ground
2. The Last Song or Valediction
      [Song] (Tenor): The angry steed, the fife and drum
      Chorus: Till you as glorious shall become
      [Dialogue] (Priests of Venus): The balm’s rich sweat
      Chorus: The balm’s rich sweat
      Song and Chorus (Priests of Apollo): And may your language be of force
      Grand Chorus: May our three gods so long conjoin
3. Additional Symphony
Britannia Triumphans (1638), Sir William Davenant
1. Full Song: a 5. Part of the King’s Masque
      Chorus: Britanocles, the great and good, appears
      [Song] (Fame): Why move these princes
      Ciacona (Arts, Science, Fame): ’Tis fit you mix that wonder with delight
      4 Voices: Move then in such a noble order
      Full Chorus: Oh, with what joy you’ll measure out the time!
2. [Song of Galatea]
      Song (Galatea): So well Britanocles o’er seas doth reign
      3 Voices: On ever moving waves
      [Song] (Galatea): But now for their majestic welcome
      Chorus a 5: When he shall lead with harmony
3. Valediction
      Song [Trio] (Alto or Tenor, Tenor, Bass): Wise nature, that the dew of sleep prepares
      Grand Chorus: To bed, to bed!
The Triumph of Beauty (1644), James Shirley
1a. [Trio] (Alto or Tenor, Tenor, Bass): Cease warring thoughts
1b. [Trio] (Soprano 1 and 2, [Bass]): Cease warring thoughts
Ian Spink, Early Music, May 2003