Leclair: Sonatas for Violin, Op. 5, Nos. 6–12

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Leclair: Complete Violin Sontatas
This volume is part of the set Leclair: Sonatas for Violin and Basso continuo
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Jean-Marie Leclair
Sonatas for Violin and Basso continuo, Opus 5, Sonatas VI–XII

Edited by Robert E. Preston

B005 Leclair: Sonatas for Violin, Op. 5, Nos. 6–12
978-0-89579-011-8 Full Score (1969) 9x12, 108 pp.
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Performance Parts

Instrumental Part(s) (1969)
Set of 2 parts (vn., vc.)
Published in 1734, Leclair's opus 5 sonatas were dedicated to Louis XV. This is the first modern edition of this set of sonatas, interesting for their use of bimodality and their level of technical difficulty.
Opus 5
Sonata VI in C Minor
Sonata VII in A Minor
Sonata VIII in D Major
Sonata IX in E Major
Sonata X in C Major
Sonata XI in G Minor
Sonata XII in G Major
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