Leonard: Music for Silent Film

Series: Index and Bibliography  Publisher: A-R Editions, Music Library Association
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Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources

Kendra Preston Leonard

IB039 Leonard: Music for Silent Film
978-0-89579-835-0 Book (2016) 7.5 x 9.25, xiv + 277 pp.
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Between 1895 and 1929, more than 15,000 motion pictures were made in the United States. We call these works “silent films,” but they were accompanied by an enormous body of music, including works adapted or arranged from pre-existing works, as well as newly composed pieces for theater orchestras, organists, or pianists. While many films and pieces are lost, a considerable amount of material remains extant and available for use in research and performance.
Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources is a unique resource on North American archives and English-language materials available in for those interested in this repertoire. Part I contains information about archives of primary source materials including full and compiled scores, sheet music, published anthologies of music, interviews with cinema musicians, periodicals, and instruction books. Part II surveys the English-language scholarship on silent film music in articles, book chapters, essay collections, and monographs through 2015. The book is fully indexed for ease of access to these important sources on film music.
Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1: Primary Sources 1. Archival Collections 2. Rental and Lending Libraries 3. Instruction Books 4. Photoplay Albums 5. Interviews 6. Books 7. Articles Part 2: Secondary Sources 8. Scholarly Books 9. Scholarly Articles Name Index Title Index Film Title Index Subject Index