Linley, Jr.: Anthem: Let God Arise

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Thomas Linley, Jr.
Anthem: Let God Arise

Edited by Gwilym Beechey

C007 Linley, Jr.: Anthem: Let God Arise
978-0-89579-096-5 Full Score (1977) 9x12, ix + 100 pp.

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This splendid anthem for soloists, chorus, and orchestra was composed in 1773, when Linley was seventeen years old, and was modeled on Handel's Chandos anthems. Linley's gifts are most strikingly displayed in the choral movements, where his contrapuntal invention is especially deft.
Chorus: Let God arise
Air: But let the righteous
Chorus: O sing unto God
Chorus: Magnify Him
Duet: He is a father
Air: Give thanks O Israel
Chorus: Wonderful art thou
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