Linley, Jr.: The Song of Moses

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Thomas Linley, Jr.
The Song of Moses

Edited by Peter Overbeck

C058 Linley, Jr.: The Song of Moses
978-0-89579-451-2 Full Score (2000) 9x12, xiii + 265 pp.

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Notwithstanding his short career, Thomas Linley, Jr., (1756–78) is one of the most remarkable English composers in the second half of the eighteenth century. A student of Boyce and Nardini, he was leader and violin soloist for his father's concerts in Bath and at London's Drury Lane Theatre. Linley composed music for the violin, for the stage and, most importantly, three choral works, one of which is the oratorio The Song of Moses (1777), based on a rhymed paraphrase of the Bible by John Hoadly. The Song of Moses is one of the few indigenous English oratorios that emerge in this period. Composed in the tradition of Handel, Linley's work imaginatively combines effective text setting with music elements Linley acquired in his work for the theater and also draws on galant models for some of the airs. The edition is based on the only known source of the work in the British Library. Supplementary numbers to Linley's anthem "Let God Arise" (volume 7 in this series) are included in an appendix.
The Song of Moses
  1. Chorus: "Praise be to God"
  2. Duet (Moses, Miriam): "Jehovah ever be my song"
  3. Recitative (Soprano): "No force can stand"
  4. Air (Soprano): "O Israel turn"
  5. Chorus: "The wave hath clos'd"
  6. Air (Soprano): "Thy arm, O Lord"
  7. Recitative (Soprano): "Lo, the waves thy breath obey"
  8. Chorus: "The sea is before them"
  9. Recitative (Soprano): "Thus the foe with haughty pride"
  10. Air (Bass): "'Mong the gods by men adored"
  11. Recitative (Soprano): "Thou stretchest out thy hand"
  12. Air (Soprano): "Thou, as thy mercy had decreed"
  13. Recitative (Soprano): "Thither, what power shall our march withstand?"
  14. Chorus: "All Canaan's heathen race"
  15. Duet (Soprano 1, Soprano 2): "Thither thy people, Lord"
  16. Chorus: "To ages shalt thou stretch thy sway"
Additions to The Song of Moses
  10a. Air (Soprano): "'Mong the gods by  men adored"
  12a. Air (Soprano): "Thou, as thy mercy had decreed"
Additions to the Anthem Let God Arise
  Recitative (Soprano): "It is the Lord that commandeth the waters"
  Air (Soprano): "It is the Lord that ruleth the sea"
  Air (Soprano): "Praised by the Lord daily"
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