MacCunn: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano, Part 1

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Hamish MacCunn
Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano, Part 1
Individual Songs

Edited by Jennifer Oates

N068 MacCunn: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano, Part 1
978-0-89579-839-8 Keyboard-Vocal Score (2016) 9x12, xxv + 254 pp.

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Britain, long revered for its choral music and partsongs, had largely neglected art songs since the Elizabethan era. The middle of the nineteenth century witnessed efforts to revive the genre, particularly in the works of Sir C. Hubert Parry and Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. The following generation, including the Scottish composer Hamish MacCunn (1868–1916), built on the foundations laid by Parry and Stanford and served as the bridge to the vocal music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sir Edward Elgar, Ivor Gurney, John Ireland, and ultimately Benjamin Britten. Though best known for his Scottish-influenced compositions, MacCunn composed over 100 songs that, free from national constraints, are some of the most refined and sophisticated examples of his music. Almost no modern editions of MacCunn’s song exist, though many were published during the composer’s lifetime. The current two-part edition presents the composer’s 102 extant songs. Part 1 contains 53 individual songs; part 2 presents the songs that were first published as sets.
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Individual Songs
1. I Saw Thee Weep
2. To Mary in Heaven
3. Serenade
4. For the Wandering Jew
5. The Cottager to Her Infant
6. A Finland Love Song
7. A rosebud by my early walk
8. I think of thee, in the night
9. When twilight dews are falling soft
10. Morning Song
11. Night Piece to Julia
12. Cradle Song (Richard Gall)
13. Keep Your Tears for Me
14. Pour Forth the Wine
15. Strathallan’s Lament
16. When Thou Art Nigh
17. The Day of Love
18. I’ve Found My Mountain Lyre Again!
19. Here’s to thy health, my bonnie lass
20. My Mary Dear, Farewell
21. A Song of the South
22. A Widow Bird Sate Mourning
23. Bethesda
24. Small birds in the corn
25. A Flower Auction
26. All on a fair May morning
27. Changes
28. Do not vex thy violet
29. A Cavalier’s Song
30. If a nobler waits for thee
31. Many Days, and Many Ways
32. O Gentle Sleep
33. On a Faded Violet
34. To Eva
35. When Roses Blow
36. The Wanderer
37. Had I a cave on some wild distant shore
38. The heath this night must be my bed
39. I arise from dreams of thee
40. Thine am I, my faithful fair
41. Wilt thou be my dearie?
42. Cosie Song
43. Lie There, My Lute
44. One lone star
45. Ave Maria
46. Fair is Love
47. Cradle Song (Tennyson)
48. There’s a wee, wee glen in the Hielan’s
49. With Thee
50. Lullaby, Lilibrow
’Twas in an airy dream of night
Jennifer Oates is Associate Professor at Queens College and the Graduate Center–CUNY. She specializes in research of nineteenth- and twentieth-century British music, particularly dealing with issues of identity. Her biography of Scottish composer Hamish MacCunn appeared in 2013 in Ashgate's Nineteenth-Century British Music series, and her critical edition of MacCunn's overtures is volume 53 in Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.