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Mahler: Die drei Pintos, Part 2

Gustav Mahler
Die drei Pintos, Part 2
Act 2, Act 3, Critical Report
Edited by James L. Zychowicz
Mahler: Die drei Pintos, Part 2
Full Score (2000)
9x12, vi + 332 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Rental Parts (2009)
Set of 58 parts: 2(2)222 4331 timp. perc. 88664

Rental Parts (2009)
Set of 50 parts: 2222 4211 timp., perc., 88664
After completing Der Freischütz, Carl Maria von Weber (1786–1826) planned to compose as its comic counterpart Die drei Pintos, but he left the work unfinished at his death. Other composers, including Giacomo Meyerbeer, attempted to complete the opera, but for various reasons none succeeded. Around the time of Weber's centennial, though, Weber's grandson showed the sketches to Gustav Mahler (1860–1911), who completed the score and conducted the premiere in 1888.  Weber left sketches for only the first act of three acts, and Mahler at first planned a performing version with the final act spoken. Mahler reconsidered this strategy and decided to complete the score in all three acts. In the absence of sketches for almost two-thirds of the opera, Mahler decided to rework unfamiliar and unpublished music of Weber incorporating it into the completed score. As a work, then, the score contains music almost entirely by Weber, but as an opera, it is Mahler's conception. Moreover, Die drei Pintos is an important accomplishment of Mahler's early career, and he completed the opera several months before he finished his own First Symphony.  This critical edition contains the full score of the opera including revisions Mahler planned but never executed for the work. The publication also includes the complete libretto with English translation, an introduction, and a complete critical apparatus.
II. Aufzug
  No. 8. Introduction und Ensemble (Clarissa, Laura, Pantaleone, Chorus): "Wißt Ihr nicht, was wir hier sollen?"
  No. 9. Ariette (Laura): "'Höchste Lust'"
  No. 10. Rezitativ und Arie (Clarissa): "Ach, wenn das Du doch vermöchtest" / "Wonne, süßes Hoffnungsträumen"
  No. 11. Duett (Clarissa, Gomez): "Ja, das Wort"
  No. 12. Terzett-Finale (Clarissa, Laura, Gomez): "Geschwind nur von hinnen"
III. Aufzug
  No. 13. Lied mit Chor (Laura, Chorus): "Schmücket die Halle"
  No. 14. Duett (Gaston, Ambrosio): "Nun da sind wir"
  No. 15. Terzettino (Laura, Gaston, Ambrosio): "Mädchen, ich leide heiße Liebespein"
  No. 16. Ariette (Ambrosio): "Ein Mädchen verloren"
  No. 17. Rondo-Terzett (Gomez, Gaston, Ambrosio): "Ihr, der so edel"
  No. 18. Chor (Chorus): "Habt Ihr es denn schon vernommen?"
  No. 19. Mädchenlied (Chorus): "Mit lieblichen Blumen"
  No. 20. Finale A (Clarissa, Laura, Gomez, Gaston, Ambrosio, Pantaleone, Pinto, Chorus): "Was wollt Ihr?"
  No. 21. Finale B (Clarissa, Laura, Gomez, Gaston, Ambrosio, Pantaleone, Chorus): "Heil sei Euch"
Mark DeVoto, Notes, December 2002
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