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For e-mail addresses, add @areditions.com to the stems listed after each name (for example: john.doe@areditions.com).
When phoning, either dial direct or, use the extension after calling the main number, 608-836-9000.

Book Orders / Standing Orders   Direct Ext.
Sandy Otto, Standing Order Sales Manager sandy.otto 608-203-2570 570
and Customer Service orders@areditions.com    
Permissions / Copyright Sharing      
and Review Copies      
James L. Zychowicz, Permissions james.zychowicz 608-203-2580 580
Recent Researches Editorial Department      
Pamela Whitcomb, Managing Editor pamela.whitcomb 608-203-2565 565
David Birchler, Senior Editor david.birchler 608-203-2566 566
Danielle Pacha, Senior Editor danielle.pacha


Esther de Laix, Editor esther.delaix 608-203-2567 567
Alexander Dean, Editor alexander.dean 608-203-2584 584
Edith Hines, Assistant Editor edith.hines 608-203-2564 564
Other Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio (DAS) and MLA Series      
James L. Zychowicz, Series Editor james.zychowicz 608-203-2580 580
A-R Editions Online Music Anthology      
James L. Zychowicz james.zychowicz 608-203-2580 580
Text and Music Production Services      
Lance Ottman, Production Manager lance.ottman 608-203-2569 569
Bonnie Balke, Project Manager bonnie.balke 608-203-2572 572
Bob Geiger, Music Engraver bob.geiger 608-203-2568 568
Donna Gorman, Typesetter donna.gorman 608-203-2571 571
Anne Miller, Project Manager anne.miller 608-203-2574 574
Ann Peter, Project Manager ann.peter 608-203-2573 573
MLA Business Office      
James L. Zychowicz mla@areditions.com 608-836-5825 577
Patrick Wall, President and CEO patrick.wall 608-203-2575 575
Kris Noeldner, Administrative Manager kris.noeldner 608-203-2560 560
Jen Doser, Administrative Assistant jen.doser 608-203-2562 562
Pamela Whitcomb, Managing Editor pamela.whitcomb 608-203-2565 565
James L. Zychowicz, Director of Sales & Marketing james.zychowicz 608-203-2580 580

A-R Editions, Inc.
8551 Research Way, Suite 180
Middleton, WI 53562 USA

608-836-9000 (phone)
800-736-0070 (orders, North America only)
608-831-8200 (fax)