Martini: Secular Pieces

Series: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Johannes Martini
Secular Pieces

Edited by Edward G. Evans, Jr.

M001 Martini: Secular Pieces
978-0-89579-060-6 Full Score (1975) 8.5x11, xxvi + 90 pp.
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This edition presents the entire corpus of forty-four secular pieces ascribed to Martini (including opera dubia), who composed and taught music during the rule of Ercole I, duke of Ferrara. These works are found in several important Italian manuscripts, especially Florence Banco Rari 229 and Rome Casanatense 2856; more distant manuscripts in Segovia, Seville, Paris, Munich, and Jena; and in the Glogauer Liederbuch and in early-sixteenth-century publications by Petrucci and Formschneider. Most feature French titles, and the predominating musical style suggests instrumental performance. Many of these pieces are excellent, graceful compositions that continue to be worthy of performance.
Biaulx parle tousjours
Cela sans plus
De la bonne chiere
Der newe pawir schwantcz
Des biens d'amours (version A)
Des biens d'amours (version B)
Fault il que heur soye
Fortuna desperata
Fortuna d'un gran tempo
Fuga ad quatuor
Fuge la morie
Helas coment (version A)
Hellas coment anes (version B)
Il est tel; Il est tousjours
J'ay pris amours (version A)
J'ay pris amours (version B)
Je remerchi dieu
J'espoir mieulx
La fleur de biaulte
La Martinella
La Martinella pittzulo
Le pouverté
Malheur me bat
Nen ciozza mia
Non per la
Non seul uno
Per faire tousjours
Que je fasoye
Sans siens du mal
Tant que dieu vosdra
Tousjours bien
Tousjours me souviendra
Tout joyeulx
Tres doulx regart
Vive, vive
Do si la sol la
Re mi fa sol la
Re fa sol la la
Fa mi re do re
Sol me fa sol sol
Sol fa mi fa sol
Sol la si do si
Albert Seay, Notes, March 1979.