Méhul: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Etienne-Nicolas Méhul
Symphony No. 1 in G Minor

Edited by David Charlton

N006 Méhul: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor
978-0-89579-174-0 Full Score (1985) 9x12, xvii + 106 pp.

Performance Parts

Rental Parts (1985)
Set of 32 parts: 2222 2000 timp. 66432
Méhul's symphonies are probably the finest French orchestral works produced during the "Age of Beethoven." The Symphony No. 1 in G Minor, dating from 1808–09, was eventually conducted by Mendelssohn and praised by Schumann. This edition includes a facsimile page of a hitherto-unknown early version of the work as well as new information on the performance history of all Méhul's symphonies.
Menuet. Allegro moderato
Final. Allegro agitato
Appendix 1 [Rejected version of Allegro, mm. 8–12]
Appendix 2 [Early version of Allegro, mm. 273–86]
Julian Rushton, Music & Letters, January 1987