Merula: Il primo libro de motetti, e sonate concertati, Op. 6 (1624)

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Tarquinio Merula
Il primo libro de motetti, e sonate concertati, Op. 6 (1624)

Edited by Jonathan P. Wainwright

B236 Merula: Il primo libro de motetti, e sonate concertati, Op. 6 (1624)
978-1-9872-0858-0 Full Score (2023) 9x12, xvi + 164 pp.
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Instrumental Part(s) (2023)
Set of 3 partbooks (vn.; va.; vne.)
Tarquinio Merula (1595–1665) is an important composer of small-scale concertato music, reflecting the influence of composers such as Claudio Monteverdi and Alessandro Grandi. Merula was also a prolific composer of instrumental music who was important in the transition of the canzona francese towards the Corellian sonata. The sole copy of Merula’s Il primo libro de motetti, e sonate concertati (Venice: Alessando Vincenti, 1624) survives in an incomplete state in the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica, Bologna—the set of partbooks lacks the Basso book and therefore no complete edition of the collection has previously been thought possible. However, the identification of a number of pieces in English manuscripts from the court of Charles I and his Queen Henrietta Maria has enabled the completion of the vocal pieces in the collection; the instrumental pieces have here been editorially reconstructed.
  1. O gloriosa Domina (AT, B.c.)
  2. Cantate Domino (CC, B.c.)
  3. O bone Jesu (CB, B.c.)
  4. Dominus in igne veniet (CB, B.c.)
  5. Misericordias Domini (CA, B.c.)
  6. O quam dilecta (CC, B.c.)
  7. Fontes et omnia (BB, B.c.)
  8. Nigra sum (C, Vn., B.c.)
  9. Cantate, jubilate (C, Vn., B.c.)
10. Sonata prima (Vn., “overo Cornetto”; Vne., B.c.)
11. Sonata seconda (Vn., “overo Cornetto”; Vne., B.c.)
12. O quam dulcis es tu (TTB, B.c.)
13. Sat est Domine (CTB, B.c.)
14. Judicant sancti (CAT, B.c.)
15. O intemerata (CTB, B.c.)
16. Jesu dulcissime (CATB, B.c.)
17. Magnificate Dominum (CATB, B.c.)
18. Cum complerentur dies Pentecostes (CATB, B.c.)
19. Cantate Domino (CCBB, B.c.)
20. Favus distillans (C; Vn., Va., Vne., “overo Tromboni”; B.c.)
21. Benedicta tu (CATTB, B.c.)
22. Benignissime Jesu (CATTB, B.c.)
Jonathan Wainwright is Professor of Music at the University of York, UK and has written extensively on early-modern English and Italian music. He has also been active as a performer and was the first Director of the Girls Choir at York Minster; his recordings range from a CD of Sarum plainsong through to Percy Whitlock’s Organ Symphony, recorded in York Minster.