Michael: Der 103te Psalm

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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David Moritz Michael
Der 103te Psalm
An Early American-Moravian Sacred Cantata for Alto, Tenor, and Bass Soloists, Mixed Chorus, and Orchestra (1805)

Edited by Karl Kroeger

A065 Michael: Der 103te Psalm
978-0-89579-637-0 Full Score (2008) 8.5x11, xvi + 87 pp.

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Keyboard-Vocal Score (2008)
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Keyboard-Vocal Score (2008)
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In the eighteenth century, the Moravian Church established vital musical cultures and well-regarded educational institutions wherever it went. At Nazareth Hall, the Moravian boys school in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, these features interacted in an exceptional way. David Moritz Michael (1751–1827) composed his setting of Psalm 103 in 1805 for performance by the Collegium Musicum at Nazareth, of which he was music director. Cast in eleven short movements, the cantata opens and closes with impressive, dramatic choruses. Between these pillars, solo ariettas and shorter choral sections praise God’s grace and benevolence. Set for alto, tenor, and bass soloists, mixed chorus, and a small orchestra, it is the earliest cantata-like work by an American-Moravian composer and possibly the earliest such work composed in the United States. The cantata makes only modest technical demands on the vocal and instrumental forces and should be attractive to performers and audiences alike.
No. 1. Chorus: Lobe den Herrn meine Seele
No. 2. Solo (tenor): Der Herr schaffet Gerechtigkeit und Gericht
No. 3. Solo (bass): Er hat Seine Wege Mose
No. 4. Chorus: Barmherzig und gnädig ist der Herr
No. 5. Solo (bass): Den so hoch der Himmel
No. 6 Chorus: Und so fern der Morgen
No. 7. Solo (alto): Wie sich ein Vater
No. 8. Recitative (tenor): Ein Mensch ist in seinem Leben
No. 9. Solo (tenor): Die Gnade aber des Herrn
No. 10. Duet (tenor & bass): Der Herr hat Seinen Stuhl
No. 11. Chorus: Lobet den Herrn ihr Seine Engel